Wired vs Wireless Gaming Mouse

This is a common argument among PC gamers. Choosing between a wired gaming mouse and a wireless gaming mouse depends on one’s preferences. I will try to be objective in this article to see which of wired and wireless gaming mouse makes the better accessory to PC gaming.

The best gaming mouse is one that meets the user’s gaming needs and improves his performance. While many gamers may argue differently to which gaming mouse is better than the other, the truth is that every type of gaming mouse has its cons and pros. Both have distinctive features that make them great for use depending on your needs or feature that matter most to you. So in this “Wired vs Wireless Gaming Mouse” i will try and look at the cons and pros of every type of gaming mouse.

Wired vs Wireless Gaming Mouse

Wired Gaming Mouse

Just like wireless gaming mouse, wired gaming mouse has its own cons and pros.  Some of its benefits include;

  • Quicker response time 
  • Better accuracy
  • Cost efficiency
  • Higher life expectancy

But it also has some drawbacks such as;

  • Cluttering of gaming setup
  • Tugging of cables for slacks
  • Pesky cables getting in the way of game plays etc

Wireless Gaming Mouse

Wireless gaming mouse may be new in the market but it is already making a name for itself, great developers are working round the clock to ensure they match every gaming need with a wireless mouse to improve its user’s gaming performances.

Just as wired gaming mice, the wireless gaming mouse has a lot of features and drawbacks as listed below;

  • Greater freedom during game plays
  • No cables
  • Smoother movements with no restrictions in path and directions
  • Improvements in response time and accuracy

Some drawbacks to wireless gaming mouse as argued by PC gamers are as follows;

  •  Input lag and dropped signals which results in inaccurate pointing and control during game play
  • You need to always recharge battery etc.

Overall, there are upsides and downsides to using any type of gaming mouse. The choice is totally based on the user’s preferences. While I may enjoy the freedom presented by wireless gaming mouse other person may prefer the response time of wired mouse.

What type of gaming mouse do you use? Wired or wireless? Why do you prefer your choice of gaming mouse over the other? Share your experience of using your preferred type of gaming mouse with me using the comment form below.


  1. Nedu says

    I use a Logitech wireless mouse. It’s cool but u need powerful batteries to power it. The response is pretty. Works we’ll for gaming!

  2. says

    I’m using wired ad wireless mouse because I like both of them. Indeed wireless mouse win over wired as it easy and more comfortable than wired.


  3. says

    This is surely a tech post and its good admin has redirected it to the Technology category.

    The post is helpful for marketers who might be interested in getting hardware. Wired or wireless gaming mouse? You are right Desmond stating that the choice depends on the user experience.

    If you ask me, I still prefer the Wired version because I feel the benefits are more than the cons.

    However, internet marketers should still look up their options and make choices to fit in functionality, reliability, and durability.

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    Sunday – Kingged.com


  4. says

    Sunday your choice is a great one especially considering the options you listed, my only problem about wired mice is not just in the clustering of my work area by cable but also the limitation of my freedom to move my mouse without restrictions in whatever direction i want to or whatever distance i want.

  5. says

    I will definitely choose wired mouse over wireless.
    I have used both of them, as response of wired mouse is much better than wireless one.
    Wireless mouse become worse if it came bundled with keyboard.

  6. says

    This always seems to be an ongoing debate in gaming tech and I think its an important one to have. Other than your gaming PC, your mouse has the most impact on your gaming performance. I think most gamers who are competitive and care about reaction times and whatnot should almost always go the wired route just for the sake of getting the absolute best responsiveness. For MMO gamers or more casual gamers I think a wireless mouse is just fine (there just going to be a bit more expensive). A cool new development in the gaming mouse space is that some companies are now offering adjustable wired/wireless mouses such as Razer’s new mouse and Logitech’s. So those are worthwhile options for people who want the best of both worlds.. but they are pretty spendy. Thanks for this overview Nsowu.

  7. Wendel says

    I use a Logitech Marathon M705 with Unifying software. I much rather not deal with wires while gaming or computing. Reason I bought it was the feel in my hand and the weight which is something to consider when you have to push this thing around for hours. It takes 2 AA batteries and they last over a year. This is computing on a daily basis, surfing the web, gaming, e-mails. As for lag, I am sure there is some but I do not notice it. If I compared the same game with a wired mouse I might notice. Then again we are talking Milli Seconds most of the time anyway.

  8. says

    Both are useful in our PC. But, if you want an extreme used while having your game It will be ideal if you could use the wireless brand because there is no hassle when using it and will give you very effective used as well. There are many wireless brand of mouse that exist these days, and I guess the Logitech is now becoming one most popular.

  9. says

    I think with the type of technology we have now, the response rate argument may not be a valid one soon, if already. Look at XBOX. Wireless is standard.

  10. Grash says

    Having to always recharge a battery is less of a argument against the battery then of all wireless mouses.
    I need to change my battery every 4-5 months (I think) and it’s rechargeable. I just swap out a existing charged one and start charging the expended one.
    That’s not exactly always changing the battery..
    Just as a fyi, I use eneloop.
    Those other rechargables (duracell, energizer) are basically trash. Especially energizer. Discharge themself within a week.

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