Will Internet Explorer 10 save the browser from extinction?

Internet Explorer 10 is the next version of Internet Explorer being developed by Microsoft. Over the years more people (like me) have preferred to use other web browsers ahead of internet explorer for several reasons I cannot be able to mention here. The number of Internet explorer users have depleted seriously as a result of the browser’s inability to match up with its competitors like Google Chrome and Firefox.

This browser war has lead to the release of several versions of different browsers. Every now and then there is a new browser update trying to fix one bug or add new features. Every internet user wants a fast and secure browser and this, other versions of Internet Explorer lacked. With the consumer preview version of the Internet Explorer 10 browser already in use, users are expecting to see difference from the older versions that has lagged behind in a lot of things.

Features of Internet Explorer 10:

Now one may be wondering what is new in Internet Explorer 10? How can Internet Explorer 10 save the Internet Explorer browser from totally going into extinction as it is obvious that another failed version of this browser will even lead to more users leaving it for other better web browsers.

1. Privacy: Microsoft has decided to put back privacy controls back to the hands of users. Internet Explorer now has support for “Do Not Track” which is turned on by default. This move will see users control the tracking cookies on their browser as earlier versions of this browser didn’t give such freedom to the user. I believe this will help Microsoft begin to rebuild trust online.

2. Built-in Autocorrect and Spellcheck: For years other web browsers have built-in spellcheck and autocorrect but Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has always missed this option. Now with internet Explorer 10 you won’t have to download and install any third-party add-on as previously done. This will help Internet Explorer compete with the likes of Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera which have integrated this feature a long time ago.

3. Integrated Flash Player: Internet Explorer 10 is a plugin-free web browser which means you cannot install any plugins on it like flash players. Now I know you are worried about how you can play your flash games or watch your flash videos, don’t worry. Microsoft is only trying to comply to the new web standard HTML5 for its browser. Internet Explorer 10 has an inbuilt/integrated flash player just like Google Chrome, now you won’t have to install flash player to view any content that requires it. This will definitely make ie10 interesting as Google Chrome.

4. CSS3 properties: Internet Explorer 10 will support CSS3 gradients. This will definitely change the user experience of Internet Explorer web browser. I am desperately looking forward to this option.

5. Enhanced Protection Mode:  Every website is isolated in each tab so that the activities of one tab cannot affect the other. This security measure was also extended to InPrivate browsing which now has been extended to run per-tab than previously per-session.

Other features include Tab Pinning, cleaner interface and many more. All these new features will definitely improve both speed and security of the web browser and once again put Internet Explorer to same level with other web browsers and can save the browser from extinction.

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