Why Guest Posting is Necessary and can be Effective in Driving Traffic

Panda and Penguin completely changed the face of SEO. In the past, few links from directories were sufficient to rank higher in SERPs. Now it is just a dream. Webmasters and marketers who had resorted to tweaking the search at large have lost their site into oblivion. One thing is clear- black hat no longer pays.

Though tweaking of search engine is frowned, we cannot stop building links. Link building campaigns should be carried but in a surreptitious manner. At present, the most effective way of building links is by utilizing guest posting service. However, if you have sufficient time and knowledge then you can try guest posting yourself.

Why is Guest Posting necessary?

As said above the tweaking of search engine should be done surreptitiously. Guest posting seems to be a way of natural link building process. Content is provided by the writer and is paid back with a backlink. In most cases, the writer gets the desired anchor text. I do not know how search engines look at this. Nevertheless, the backlinks within the post or author box are viewed as legit. These being legit carry much weight than those from directories. Therefore, guest posting is not only necessary but also beneficial.

How Guest posting can be effective?

There are two main advantages of guest posting:

1)      It drives traffic at phenomenal rate creating maximum exposure

2)      Position at SERPs becomes better

Traffic and Exposure:

Consider your site is newly built. Obviously, you will have nil to few readers. If the goal is to gain exposure or beget readers then you need to funnel from somewhere else. Sites that have already been for years will have strong readership. You can easily send a proposal for guest posting to such sites. If the content you provide is of great value then you will be easily accepted. Finally, do a guest post considering the readers of that particular site in mind. Chances are high that readers will like your content and will follow your site to either know about you or read your content. What we have gained is not just one time readers but potential followers. Such followers can easily be turned into buyers.

High Quality Links:

The presence of high quality links is seriously questioned by many SEO specialists. Moreover, I am not trying to prove it either. I am comparing the link juice carried through directories and individual domains. Links gained through such guest posting are dofollowed whereas directories allow only Nofollows (exempting some). Apart from that search engines like Google completely undervalues links from directories. This allows guest posting links to be looked as legit and beneficial.

Let me share an experience. I run a forex site, which is heavily competitive niche. I wanted to rank for a competitive keyword ‘forex trading system’. My competitors had gained thousands of backlinks with the same anchor text from various sources like link farms and directories. However, I started guest posting and today (July 22, 2012) my site is at the first page. Of course, it took me months to reach at this postion. Then again, I have been fully paid back for the toilsome guest posting work.

To conclude, guest posting is the most effective way to gain traffic and rank better in the SERPs. Next time you think about any link building strategy, ensure guest posting is your priority. Please share your contribution using the comment box below. If you find above post on “Why Guest Posting is Necessary and can be Effective in Driving Traffic?” interesting and useful, please share this post with your friends using the share tools on the left hand side of the browser or the ones under this post. Please if you haven’t liked our Facebook page simply click on the “Like” button on the right hand side of the browser. You can also follow us on Twitter right under the Facebook page.

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  1. says

    Nice write up there but many bloggers are so lazy and now sending copied content to big blogs as guest posts, just to get link juice. What do you have to say about this?

  2. Nwosu Mavtrevor says

    There are definitely ways you can check if an article has been published elsewhere before you can publish it. I normally check random paragraphs on Google using “TEXT TO SEARCH” method, you can also use copyscape.com or duplichecker.com to check for plagiarism.

  3. Richie Richardson says

    You can try as Nwosu Mavtrevor said. Another easier way would be to check through Plagiarismchecker.com. Just take random para from the post and search through it. It is quick and easier.

  4. says

    Hi,buddy After read your post, we got more informatics knowledge about Drive traffics for Website.useful tips share through your posting…

  5. says

    Allowing guests to stop by your blogs will enable more public exposure and that’s what you need for your blog. This is about the fastest way to get attention to your blog.

  6. Richie Richardson says

    True. Moreover, your readers get new information. Guest Blogging is mutually beneficial to all.

  7. says

    Thanks for sharing this bro.

    I sill feel the phenomenon called “Guest Blogging” cannot be more over emphasized in getting traffic this days. I can’t agree more bro!

    Sam hails you :)

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