What is New on Facebook This June 2013?

Have you ever logged in to your Facebook account and everything looked different? That’s because Facebook always changes things around. It’s common for Facebook to roll out new features even without you noticing so I have decided to compile “What is new on Facebook” in this post for you. Facebook in this month of June 2013 has rolled out a couple of new features.

Facebook in a bid to remain the best social media network has always tried to improve its services by always introducing new features to improve how we socialize and relate with friends and family. Notably in this month of June, Facebook has rolled out three awesome new features. They include the following;

Facebook Hashtags

Video on Instagram

Photo Comments and Emoticons.

Facebook Hashtags: In a previous article on this blog titled “Is the # Hashtag coming to Facebook soon?”, I discussed how Facebook was trying to introduce the hashtag on their social media just like on Twitter. In this month of June 2013, Facebook has finally announced the introduction of the Hashtag, when you click on a hashtag on Facebook; you will see a feed of same topic discussed by other people.

How to add a hashtag on Facebook: Adding a hashtag on Facebook is quite easy as adding a # before the word you want to tag, do now give any space between the # and the word. An example is #Nigeria illustrated on the image below.

Facebook hashtag

As you can see from the image above, the hashtag is clickable and when you click on it, it will display a feed of all other posts tagged with same word. See image below

What’s New on Facebook This June?

Of what importance is the Facebook Hashtag?

One may be wondering of what importance is the Facebook hashtag? Well the answer is pretty simple. The whole idea of using a hashtag is to make your post discoverable by other Facebook users who may not even be your friend. The Facebook hashtag has helped in breaking the barrier of reaching out to people who are not your friends on Facebook, so next time you use a hashtag, my advice will be to use a popular hashtag on your update so that a wider population of Facebook users will see your post.

You can use the hashtag to promote your business or brand, simply tag the right words. Remember to keep it short and relevant.

Video on Instagram: Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram has seen the company grow bigger and better and just recently Mark Zuckerberg announced that Instagram now allows recording and sharing of short videos just like Vine for Twitter. The shared video will appear in your feed just like an image.

Photo Comments and Emoticons: Another awesome feature added by Facebook is called the photo comment. This feature allows you to reply a status update with an image. You can now notice the camera button on the reply box of Facebook. Users on mobile will only be able to view photo comments but cannot be able to post one for now.

Facebook photo comment - What is new on Facebook this June 2013?

Emotions can now be added to status updates. Now you can add what you are feeling, reading, watching, or even eating.

What do you think of these Facebook new features? Do you know of other new features on Facebook this June 2013? Share in your comments. Remember to subscribe to my RSS feed.


  1. says

    Yes! That’s the new features i saw also, And hope that Instagram 10-15seconds video will be extended to 1-2minutes will be okay also. Hope to see some new features to Google Plus also.

  2. Sam Adeyinka says

    I’m an ardent fan of Facebook and I seriously am always left in a Wow moment whenever I see those new features. Mark is a great man and you my friend are a great man for review this. You are the best! And sir, I believe you saw my mail?

  3. says

    Thanks Nwosu for the update. Facebook is growing more interesting with these latest additions. I liked the hash tag feature and will be using it more often. Similarly photo comment too can be quite handy sometimes.

  4. says

    Hello Nwosu,

    Great Share.!

    thanks for the informative post hash-tags is awesome feature on Facebook in this year :)
    stay updated and stay rocking ;) :P


  5. says

    Facebook Always comes up with new stuffs ! The #Hashtag and Adding picture to comment really awesome features ! I am using Both of them to promote my blog ! Its really nice !

    Thank you for sharing about facebook update!

  6. says

    Hashtags seem to be the biggest news item on FB Nwosu although the other updates you note are big news too.

    I like the targeting aspect of hashtags; FB a bit behind the times but at least they got up to speed, right?


  7. says

    I’m not happy with what Facebook is going right now. It was great at the beginning but the need to ask me for my phone number every time i log in is becoming more and more irritating.

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