Webhosts and Registrars that accept GTB MasterCard

Have you been wondering which foreign webhosts and registrars accept GTB MasterCard? I have had a situation with a local webhost Syskay that banned my site for consuming server resources as a result of the massive traffic my site was receiving without prior warning, so I decided to look for foreign webhosts and registrars that can accept payment with my GTB MasterCard. Making payments online with Nigerian MasterCards can be difficult sometimes as some sites may not easily accept our Nigerian MasterCards. Some may decline your order because they don’t accept Naira.

So a friend of mine Don Caprio helped me out and since then I have been making orders with my GTB MasterCard and it’s been accepted every time. So if you are looking to register a domain name or host your blog or website with a foreign webhost using your GTB MasterCard as a means of payment then this article is for you.

Webhosts and Registrars that accept GTB MasterCard

Arvixe: Currently I am using Arvixe to host my blog and I make my payments with my GTB MasterCard every time. Arvixe has proven to be a trusted webhost and one thing I like and enjoy about their services is their swift response whenever I have a problem. Their customer service can be reached via live chat 24/7 and you can make your complains/requests and get immediate solution and resolution. So I am recommending Arvixe for anyone who is looking to host a site and make payments with his GTB MasterCard.

Godaddy: Godaddy is among the best and trusted domain registrars and webhosts and they also accept GTB master card for payments of orders. Whether it is payment for domain names or webhosting packages, Godaddy accepts GTB MasterCard. So if you are looking to register a domain name or buy a webhosting package with a Nigerian MasterCard, Godaddy is the perfect place for you.

Namecheap: Namecheap is yet another domain registrar and webhosting provider that accepts the Nigerian GTB MasterCard. I have purchased a good number of domain names and webhosting packages from Namecheap and made payments with my GTB MasterCard. Namecheap’s excellent services and products are so awesome I can’t fail to mention them here. So go to Namecheap now and place your orders with your GTB MasterCard.

Hostgator: Hostgator is among the leading webhosts that accepts GTB MasterCard as form of payment, you can register your domain names and order webhosting packages from Hostgator and make your payments with your GTB MasterCard and instantly get activated.

Web4Africa:  Web4Africa is Ghana based webhost that also accepts GTB MasterCard. You can conveniently pay for domain names or webhosting package purchased at Web4Africa with your GTB MasterCard.

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There are definitely many domain registrars and webhosts out there that accept GTB MasterCard but the above listed 5 are the most trusted as I can personally testify to their excellent services. Now you can buy your domain names and webhosting packages and pay with your GTB Mastercard. Do you know of other trusted and reliable domain registrars and webhosts that accept GTB MasterCard? Please share with me using the comment form below. Remember to subscribe to my RSS feeds.


  1. Oyedepo John says

    I love the concept. It’s good to know that more and more website are beginning to recognize our Nigerian banks.

  2. femi jeffery says

    hi, are u sure, the list that you put together is verified, cause am pretty sure hostgator do not accept GTbank’s mastercard, reason being that av used it before and it didn’t work.

  3. Dipo says

    Pls is this post still valid i mean do all these webhosts still accept gtb mastercard and pls which have you used recently i know web4africa will accept but can i trust them

  4. iCre8-pro says

    Hostgator is such an amazing platform. Used it very well while outside the country. Now it recognizes GTBank MC as a valid Mastercard but the security and verification process afterwards can be extremely nerve wrecking. So until someone has solved that end, the count cuts down to the other 4 listed. BTW, has anyone tried Bluehost?

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