How i watch free Internet TV on my computer with XBMC media center

XBMC media center is an open source media player application for Linux, Mac OS X, Windows and Xbox. XBMC turns your computer into a complete home theater PC. XBMC media center allows you to play videos, music/podcasts, view your photos and the best part watch free internet TV.  With XBMC’s sophisticated library system, you can organize all your media to give you quick and immediate access.

XBMC has a lot of add-ons that add even more functionalities to the application. But my best part is the video add-ons that allow me to watch free internet TV. Today I am going to teach you how I watch free internet TV on my computer with XBMC application. Simply follow the steps below.

Watch free Internet TV on your computer with XBMC:

1. Download XBMC media center and install the application on your computer.

2. Launch the installed application and hover your mouse over videos you will see files and add-ons. Click on add-ons and click on the Get more option.

3. A list of free internet TV add-ons will be displayed, choose your favorite free internet TV stations and install from the pop up screen.

4. On successful installations of your favorite add-ons, navigate back to videos and you will see your free internet TV station added to your videos section. You can start watching your free internet TV by double clicking on the station.

5. There are so much you can get with XBMC media center, You can add Music add-ons too. Watch Youtube videos, listen to internet Radios, stream music and videos from the internet, you can even use the XBMC as a browser to view internet web pages.

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  1. says

    Thanks… I didn’t exactly what your instructions said and downloaded/installed XBMC to my Windows 7 laptop. I intend to play with this software and see how well it works. Of course, this is just one way to watch free Internet TV. There are some pretty good Internet TV software packages on market today that delivers even more content.

  2. Nwosu Mavtrevor says

    Surely but most of those are not free. XBMC is totally free and open source that one can even develop and build an app on it.

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