VPS Hosting: When do I need one?

When do I need a VPS Hosting? This is often a question I get from people on a regular basis so today I have decided to compile the answers I have been giving them so others like you can read as well. But before I will explain to you the right time to choose a VPS Hosting let me explain what VPS Hosting is all about, its benefits and where you can get the best VPS Hosting at a very cheap price.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS Hosting is a type of web hosting that uses Virtual Private Servers (VPS). All though different websites are hosted on one machine, VPS allows each site to run and function independent of the others as if it is on its own separate machine.

You can perform actions on a virtual server for one site without affecting the other sites hosted on same machine. That way there are no interference from other sites unlike in shared hosting where one site can cause problems for the whole other sites hosted on same server.

VPS Hosting: When do I need one?

On a VPS Hosting plan if one site has a problem only that site goes down while the other sites hosted on same machine remains unaffected. No amount of traffic from the other sites can affect your own website on VPS Hosting unlike in shared hosting where some high traffic websites can hog all of the server resources and cause other sites to be unreachable. This would not happen in VPS Hosting as every server can only use the resources allocated to it.

Why Use VPS Hosting?

VPS Hosting gives you the flexibility and independence to do anything you want without interferences from other sites. You own the server, so you can configure anything you wish on it. You have all the server resources to yourself.

VPS Hosting gives you the opportunity to develop a custom hosting environment where you can install any type of script that is not compatible with shared hosting plans due to server specifications and resources.

VPS hosting gives you root access to install custom applications that will require administrative access to the system for installation.

For users whose websites have outgrown their shared hosting services but can’t quite afford a dedicated server, a VPS Hosting will be the perfect solution to your problems. So when is the right time to get a VPS Hosting plan?

When do I need a VPS Hosting?

When your site begins to grow that your shared hosting plan can’t handle the load, giving you a lot of errors or your site speed has slowed down so much as to frustrate your visitors and their engagements then there is a good chance you may need a VPS Hosting plan.

If you have multiple email users from same office using same connection IP address to access the office emails, then you definitely need a VPS hosting as shared plans limit POP and IMAP connections to 30 per hour per connecting IP.

If you advertise through email campaigns or you just love sending mass mails because you have large contact mailing list, then you definitely want a VPS Hosting plan as shared plans limit each domain to sending 500 emails per hour.

Or maybe you have multiple websites instead of spending money purchasing different shared hosting plans for all your sites, you can simply obtain a VPS Hosting plan and host all your sites in one machine because VPS Hosting will provide you with large disk space for all your emails, data and files and will have the RAM and CPU handle more data and traffic significantly.

You also need a VPS Hosting plan if your site hosts very sensitive data. A VPS Hosting plan will secure your files and data behind a secure partition completely inaccessible to other customers. That way you can ensure privacy for your user’s data.

A VPS Hosting plan can offer you all the flexibility you need for growth especially if you own a growing business and your business depends on your site to grow.  While shared hosting plans limits your traffic, data and processing power, a VPS Hosting plan allows for flexible resources.

A VPS Hosting plan will give you more security than a Share hosting plan. So if you are worried about the security of your site then you should consider a VPS Hosting plan for the security of your business.

Why you need Arvixe VPS Hosting Service.

While anyone can throw any names at you right now, I will only recommend VPS Hosting plans I have tried myself and can attest to. My site was once suspended by my former hosting provider as a result of high traffic without prior notice or warning and I moved to Arvixe.

And since I moved to Arvixe I have never had any problems with my hosting services, in fact I upgraded to their Business plan when my site traffic continued to grow and when I envisaged even a higher traffic as a result of the quality of article I publish on this blog and my social media engagements I upgraded to a VPS Hosting plan.

Arvixe VPS Hosting plan offers a dedicated disk space of 50GB and an unlimited monthly data transfer, 1.5GB dedicated memory and 4 CPU cores. You will also get a free domain name for life and 2 IP addresses; the best part is in the free SSL certificate for life with servers located in Europe and US. You can check out the other features of Arvixe VPS Hosting here.

How can I buy Arvixe VPS Hosting Plan?

Click here now to buy your Arvixe VPS Hosting Plan for as low as $40 per month. Comparing configuration and other VPS server features, Arvixe has one of the best deals you can ever find on the internet.

Arvixe has a support team with great capabilities to solve all your problems immediately, just contact them through a live chat and they will solve whatever technical problems you may have about your hosting.

Arvixe VPS servers are fully loaded with CentOS, cPanel and Softaculous, 15k RPM and SSD drives for faster performance and is 100% managed by their capable staff.

To conclude I recommend you take advantage of the reliability and exclusivity of the cheap price of Arvixe VPS Hosting today and give your site a chance to grow to its full potentials.


  1. says

    Hi Mavtrevor,
    this article comes in handy, because I will need soon VPS Hosting Service for Klinkk.
    I own several sites, other than Klinkk, but I think this will be soon the main reason to move from shared server to VPS hosting or dedicated server.
    The question is : which plan choose?
    I see on HostGator, there are different levels to choose for VPS hosting and the prices change a lot!

    Btw, thanks for sharing mate, interesting article.

  2. says

    Interesting details about VPS hosting. For sure, many businesses need this plan and its important to choose the best hosting service. Arvixe Web Hosting seems to have a cost effective plan monthly.

    The issue remains if this is truly a reliable brand. I have had my fair of experience and disappointments with some other VPS hosting service in the past.

    The features contained by the Arvixe VPS servers seem to be luring features!

    I have also shared this comment in the content syndication and social bookmarking and networking website for Internet marketers – kingged.com, where this article was found.

    Sunday – contributor for kingged.com


  3. says

    I recommend Arvixe because i have used their services and liked it and everyone i recommended them to have never complained. And its also cheap. Check link within.

  4. says

    @Sunday Like Nwosu have said, Arvixe knows their onions. I tested their service with a PHPmotion script (mp4sound.xom) where they have to install additional scripts like ffmeg etc…a lot of problems were involved…but they handled the technical part very well.

    Not only that, they were still in touch with me for another 7days to find out if i still have any problems i will like them to solve. I use Hostgator for all my sites, but i cannot host mp4sound unless i upgrade to an expensive plan…so with Arvixe, they are a perfect web host partner.

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