VLC media player: How you can convert FLV files to Mp3

VLC media player is most people’s favourite multimedia player because it has the capacity of playing every media format. But today I am going to write about how you can convert FLV files to MP3 using the VLC player.  Some people may not know that VLC media player has a lot of in-built functions which includes its ability to convert files from one format to another, it also has the ability to take screenshot while a video is playing, customize VLC media player, control the player with hotkeys, change the skin of the program, control VLC remotely, rip DVDs, record Live TV, play online radio, stream live programs etc.

There may be many multimedia file converters out there, why will I have to install a new converter when I have VLC player installed on my system? Follow the following steps carefully and learn how you can convert FLV files to MP3 or any other file format to another format.

How to convert FLV to MP3: Flv (meaning Flash video ) is a video file format and almost all video sharing websites like Youtube, Vevo, Metacafe, Daily Motion, E Snipe, Vidivodo, ooVoo, Yahoo Video etc use this video format to display their videos. So if you download any of these videos and feel like converting it to audio Mp3 then I want to show you how you can easily convert the FLV file to MP3 using your VLC media player.

  1. Open your VLC player
  2. Click on media
  3. Select Convert/Save
  4. You will see File, Disc,Network and Capture Device tabs
  5. Under File menu tab, select add and navigate to the FLV file you want to convert and select it
  6. Click Convert/Save and a new “convert” window will pop up showing the file source and asking you to choose a destination to save your converted file
  7. Click browse under destination to choose the file location or folder you will want the file to be converted into. (I normally choose Desktop).
  8. Before you save, write the name you will want the converted file to be saved as and click save. Please end the name of the file in .Mp3 etc (Dance.mp3)
  9. On same Convert window, under settings click “create a new profile”. A new “Form” pop up window will open.
  10. On Profile name write FLV2Mp3 for example
  11. Then there are 4 tabs under it named Encapsulation, Video codec, Audio codec and Subtitles tab
  12. Under Encapsulation, select “RAW”
  13. Then click on Audio codec and select the Audio check box to activate the other options below
  14. MPEG Audio is default under the codec dropdown, Select Mp3
  15. Change the sample rate from the default 8000 to 44100 and click save
  16. It will bring you back to the Convert window, still under the settings choose the newly created “FLV2Mp3” from the profile Dropdown list
  17. Then click start and have your Flv file quickly converted to an Mp3 audio file.
  18. On completion go to your desktop you will see the newly converted file named as filename.mp3.ps (where filename is the name you gave the file during the conversion).
  19. Rename it to filename.mp3, simply remove the .ps at the back of the name
  20. A pop up will warn you that if you change the file name extension, the file may become unusable, choose yes that you want to change it.
  21. Then play your converted file with VLC and enjoy your Mp3 file.

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