VLC media player for Android (Beta) now available for download

Android apps get VLC media player: VLC media player, the popular media player that plays every multimedia format has been released (beta) for Android OS. Apart from playing all media formats, VLC media player for Android has quite a lot of other features.

Features of VLC media player for Android:

Plays all media formats
Support network stream
Supports Android version 2.1
Supports ARMv6, ARMv7, and ARMv7+NEON processor architectures
Contains Audio and Video media library with full search ability
Supports subtitles, embedded and external
Multi audio or subtitle track selection
Multi-core decoding
Experimental hardware decoding
Headphones control

How to download VLC media player for Android: Download VLC media player for Android from Google Play,  click on the “install” button to begin the download on your Android device.

Note since the VLC media player for Android app is still in beta version it may not be compatible with all Android phones or even perform best in all. Performance is likely to improve in the future. The image below shows how VLC media player for Android performs in different Android devices.

Recommended Android phones includes:
Nexus one
HTC One X; (Tegra 3)
Motorola Defy; (OMAP 3610)
HTC Desire
Samsung Galaxy S3; (Exynos 4 Quad)
Galaxy Nexus; (OMAP 4460)


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  1. says

    The app is not reflecting on the Google Play store yet when you search it via mobile. How else can i get this app?

  2. Nwosu Desmond says

    Apart from the pinging feature in Blackberry i don’t even see why people will buy it…wished Android could develop such feature…then we will see how Blackberry will slowly fade away to oblivion.

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