Using Twitter Hashtags to improve visibility on Twitter

You may have noticed some hashtags on Tweets made by your friends on Twitter and may have been wondering what it is all about, today I want to show you how hashtags can help you improve your brand’s visibility on Twitter.

What is Twitter Hashtags?

Twitter hashtags are designated by one (#) followed by a word or phrase, for example #Netmediablog. Hashtags are attached to tweets to act as a categorizing tool and search mechanism. Twitter hashtags makes it easy to easily locate tweets amongst Twitter searches. You can use one or more hashtags in a tweet to categorize that tweet so that other Twitter users can easily find it and join the conversation.

I know you may be wondering already, how do hashtags improve my visibility on Twitter? I will get to that very soon. But before then let me give you some basic rules to follow while using hashtags on Twitter.

You should always bear in mind the following while crafting hashtags for your tweet, firstly, let your hashtags be simple and direct, long and complex hashtags are easily forgotten and are not search-friendly, which defeats the essence of using hashtags at first. Secondly, do not clutter your tweets with hashtags, ensure to use one or two well thought hashtags with every tweet. Now back to my question earlier, “how do hashtags improve my visibility on Twitter and what benefits can I derive from using hashtags on my tweets?”

Using Twitter Hashtags to improve visibility on Twitter

Reasons for using hashtags to increase visibility on Twitter:

Bearing in mind that your followers are your main audience on Twitter, any other traffic is likely coming via keyword searches, thus it will be wise to use relevant keywords as hashtags in your tweets so that when people search for such keywords on Twitter your tweets will appear alongside.

Another reason is that Tweets with hashtags gets more retweets and clicks than those without hashtags, you can simply monitor this by using URL shorteners like and track your clicks for tweets that have hashtags and those that do not.

If you are wondering if there is an SEO benefit to using hashtags on tweets, yes there is. Remember Google and other search engines strongly consider your social media signals as one of the search engine ranking factors, your hashtags will serve as your keywords for your tweets and this can be easier for them to easily track your activities for the keywords you are ranking for.

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So if you want people to easily notice your brand or posts on Twitter, always use relevant hashtags on your tweets. If you have not been using hashtags on your tweets, now is the best time to start it as no time is late to. Hashtags will make your tweets find-able and you can drive massive traffic to your blog with this.

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  1. says

    i have, not until i read this post given any value to the hashtag. To me, i just felt it was a way of emphasing a word just like we use the quote symbol, underline or make bold a word.
    I’m very appreciative to the author of this blog for this info i have been ignorant of all this while.

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