Using BizSugar as Content Promotion Tool

BizSugar has grown from small business networking site for small business owners to social networking community for small business bloggers as Ileane rightly called it in an article titled “BizSugar a Social Network for Small Business”.  For some months now since I discovered BizSugar I have been using it as a content syndication site and also a content promotion tool and it has greatly improved my blog.

BizSugar as a social networking community for small business bloggers allows you to share high-quality articles and receive votes and comments from other community members and the higher the number of votes you received will determine if your post can make it to the front page for maximum exposure.  If you share articles with poor quality no one will bother voting for it and the post will definitely die away in the archives of BizSugar.

using bizsugar as a content promotion tool

BizSugar is definitely a content promotion tool no matter how you chose to look at it, when a post is shared on BizSugar, thousands and millions of the community members see it and vote for it, there is a natural tendency that people will follow such posts to their main sites to read more of what the author has to say. I was amazed when I first found out the amount of traffic I received from BizSugar when one of my posts made it to the first page.

I do not just use BizSugar as a content promotion tool, I also use it as a social networking site where I meet people and hang out with other bloggers and small business owners. I read and learn from other great minds and get inspired from their write ups. Sometimes I get ideas for articles from there. To be successful in BizSugar, one has to be active, you have to vote your favorite articles and make comments on such articles, and you can even extend these relationships to sharing private messages with other community members.

By building such relationships, your posts can get quick votes and appear on the front page for maximum exposure and this can send massive traffic to your blog. So if you are a small business owner or blogger you have to take advantage of BizSugar not just as a content promotion tool but also for building relationships with other bloggers and small business owners and this can give you the exposure you need to succeed.  If you are not already on BizSugar, I recommend you join today and start exploiting the opportunities it presents. You can add me on BizSugar.

What do you think of this article? Have you ever used BizSugar? What is your experience with it? i want to hear, use the comment form below to share your experience or expectation of using BizSugar with me. Remember to subscribe to my RSS feeds.


  1. says

    Great post, Nwosu. You’ve hit the nail on the head with this post. BizSugar is one of the very best places to drive massive amounts of high quality traffic. One of the most important things that I’ve learned about traffic generation is that the important thing to focus on is driving QUALITY traffic. This is exactly what BizSugar does.

    I’ve had the same experience as you. When my first post hit the front page of Bizsugar, I experienced a traffic typhoon I’ve never seen before, lol. Plus, I loved that I was actually getting interaction and engagement from the members commenting on my posts. That’s true quality traffic.

    Thanks for sharing your experience with BizSugar with our community. :)


  2. says

    Thanks Ti Roberts, i am glad you could drop by to drop a comment, BizSugar is indeed an awesome traffic generation strategy that if managed well can lead to traffic burst for anyone. High quality traffic matters more and BizSugar offers it.

  3. Sian Phillips says

    Great post singing the praises of Bizsugar. Just as I do too. It’s a great site for networking, learning and driving traffic to your blog. Thanks for the recommendations and sharing your post on

  4. Martin Lindeskog says

    Nwosu Mavtrevor: Thanks for the spreading the good word! :) I am one of the moderators @ BizSugar.

    Where are you located? I have a friend that I want you to meet. He is from Nigeria too and is working in Sweden nowadays. I did a talk on social media yesterday, arranged by the Nordic – African Association.

  5. says

    My interview with Anita Campbell was featured on BizSugar and I was overwhelmed with the traffic it generated. Since then I’ve been an active member. Great post Mavtrevor

  6. Ileane says

    Hi Nwosu!

    I’m so pleased that you had a chance to check out my post and get introduced to the BizSugar community. It wonderful how you have embraced the members of the network and they have embraced you back!

    Thanks for the shout out and I’ll see you soon.

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