Upgrade Android 2.3 to 4.0 using Android OS Configure (OS Updater)

Android operating system has revolutionized the mobile technology as more and more gadgets are being produced on this platform everyday because of its flexibility and mostly because it is an open source software. More developers are coming up with new ideas to make Android even better but those who are still using the old versions of the operating system may not be able to use some of the new apps so there is a need to upgrade Android from a lower version to a newer version. Newer versions of any software means new features and less bugs.

Android operating system is already on its version 4.0.5 now and a lot of folks are still using versions 2.3. Even application developers are also trying to make changes in their application to make them compatible/supported in the newer versions of Android. Upgrading your Android to newer versions will improve your device in a lot of ways like easy multitasking, better notification, customizable home screens, re-sizable widgets and deep interactivity and most importantly its compatibility with newer apps in the Google Play Store.

Upgrade Android 2.3 to 4.0 and newer using Android OS Configure

So let’s see how we can upgrade Android 2.3 to 4.0 or even newer using the Android OS Configure (OS Updater). Follow the guide below carefully to upgrade your Android from 2.3 to a higher version.

Note: Before you perform any upgrade on your device BACKUP your device! Backup! Backup!! Backup!!!

How to Upgrade Android from 2.3 to 4.0 and higher

First you have to download the Android OS Configure (OS Updater). Click here to download and install the Android OS Configure (OS Updater) after the download.

Connect your Android device to your computer and click on “Find Android Device” on the updater software you just installed above.

Once your device is found, proceed to the next step and click on “Find Simular OS Platform Ver” to find the match.

Then click the button “Upgrade to 4.0” to upgrade your Android version from 2.3 to 4.0 by updating the data of Android 4.0.

Then you can upgrade further to 4.0.3 by clicking on the “Upgrade to 4.0.3” button, repeat same process again to update to version 4.0.4 and 4.0.5 if need be.

Then restart your device and you will have the latest version of Android on your device. The process is a very simple one.

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Now that’s all, you can go ahead and upgrade your Android from version 2.3 to 4.0 or even higher. This process works with all Android devices. If you have any issues use the comment form below to share so I can help you in any way I can. Remember to subscribe to my RSS feed.

Update: Click here for an alternate link, many of you have been asking for the link without survey.


  1. says

    Hello Nwosu,
    This post is indeed great because i was wondering if this is possible. Will it cause any slow down or malfunction when i upgrade? and have you done this before? just curious bro
    P.s. The link you provided is taking me to a survey site which i hate. please provide us with a valid link. Thanks :)

  2. says

    Really an interesting and new information for me. This will helps me to upgrade my tablet to the latest version. But does this upgrade affect files and applications?

  3. says

    Hi Nwosu Mavtrevor
    Android is most well OS in today’s Tech World. Upgrading our devices with latest version helps to increase the functionality of our device even more better and make our device compitable to latest Version of Software :)

  4. says

    Thanks for sharing! I used Android for around a year but I never know about this. that awesome tips but now I sold it next I will benefit for me.

  5. tuneboy says

    i like android but i havn’t used it before. Am now planning to get one. Tanx for ur post

  6. Isaac says

    Hi when i tried downloading the OS updater, it took me to one site and asking for survey information, i dont really like filling out such forms, is there any other way of downloading it?

    Thanks for the Good work.

  7. Shady says

    when i try to download the Android OS Configure (OS Updater) it send me to http://fileml.com/file/03Hjl and and it says The download will automatically begin after you successfully finish the survey you chose. If the file does not unlock after a minute, please choose a different survey and complete it. okay it shows me one Survey and when i open it says Error 2 !!! need some help…

  8. Mayur says

    hey my frn nwosu please give us direct link i have tried a lot but same error appears again an again Error 2. so please do share the link of programe with us. its humble request share the direct link.

  9. MAC says

    Hey My frn thanks for giving me the link. i have gone through the link and accept one of the offer but after that i got message the key or file you are trying to download is been deleted or not found. what should i do further..? please go reply me. thanks.

  10. Steve says

    Where do i get the password to unlock and install the Andriod 4.x.x download file for my Pantech Burst phone?

  11. says

    Does the computur have to be connected to the network? Please explain the connection very well.thanks

  12. MAC says

    I have the key file link in the folder.. after completing the offer he message was the key or file you are trying to download has been removed or not found.

  13. MAC says

    The key you provided for file download was invalid. This is usually caused because the file is no longer stored on MediaFire. This occurs when the file is removed by the originating user or MediaFire. <– this message is getting again an again. please do help me out with this. sir. thanks.

  14. Steve says

    Hi, thanks for being availabel to post the pasword, when might this be available±? DO i need to download the files again or can i get the password elseware so all i have to do is enter it in when extracing the files.

    i also went though the offer process and didn’t receive anything. is it possible for you to just send me the password so i won’t have to look for it.
    Have a 14 day period to either use/like the phone o return it and i want to see if the 4.0.5 upgrade makes the phone desirable and usable. if not will return it and have a ver limited timeframe in order to do it.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance with this.

  15. taha says

    I could not understand the language given in the survey ……also when I click on the survey link….an add appears

  16. Saksham3ji says

    Is there is any need of restoring my files after upgrading to latest Android OS.

  17. arijeet says

    Hi nawosu, i want to upgrade my galaxy pocket android version 2.3.6 to higher version, will it hang or harmfull to the device.

  18. says

    Wow! Nwosu you made a very useful information here, I never knew Android 2.3 Os can be upgraded to 4.0 or higher version.

    I just bought Samsung Galaxy Y Duos but while trying to setup the device I noticed the Android 2.3 powering the phone does not really give a smooth experience so I decided to search for how to upgrade its Os to a higher version.

    But what I see as a challenge in upgrading the phone OS is it’s memory size. It has only 160MB internal memory, 290RAM and 512ROM, so I don’t know if the version 4.0 will work smoothly on the device with this kind of memory size.


  19. says

    The memory capacity of your device will be a limitation to its performance as it will require even greater resources to function smoothly when upgraded.

  20. Frescokid08 says

    I click on the link for the password and i did 2 offers and still nothing please help i’m stuck Nwosu!!

  21. ashwani says

    sir please tell me the process of upgrade to hogher version in my karbonn a9, now 2.3.6 version is running


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