How to transfer Contacts from Samsung Galaxy S2 to Galaxy S4

One of the first challenges of upgrading from Samsung Galaxy S2 to Galaxy S4 is transferring your contacts and other files. Recently someone asked me “how to transfer contacts from Samsung Galaxy S2 to Galaxy S4”, I decided to write this tutorial so as to help others that may as well be looking for a way of transferring their contacts from Samsung Galaxy S2 to Samsung Galaxy S4.

In an earlier article titled “How transfer all the contents of your Phone to Samsung Galaxy S4”, I explained how you can transfer all the contents of your old phone to Samsung Galaxy S4 using the Samsung Smart Switch and a PC.

But considering that not everyone has access to a PC or internet connection to download the Smart Switch app, I have decided to share even an easier way to transfer contacts from Samsung Galaxy S2 to Galaxy S4 via Bluetooth. You can use this method to transfer contacts to any Bluetooth enabled smartphone.

How to transfer Contacts from Samsung Galaxy S2 to Galaxy S4


1. Turn on the Bluetooth for the Samsung Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S4 (Or any other Android smartphones you want to transfer contacts to/from) and pair both devices.

2. Then on the Samsung Galaxy S2, navigate to Phone>Contacts>Menu>Import/Export>Send namecard via

3. You will see a list of all your contacts, check the “Select All Contact” option to select all or manually check the contacts you want to transfer

4. Then select Bluetooth, choose the newly paid Samsung Galaxy S4 device from your Bluetooth device list and accept the file transfer on the Galaxy S4

5. A vcf or vCard will be transferred from your Samsung Galaxy S2 to the Samsung Galaxy S4.

You can now access all your contacts on the Samsung Galaxy S4 just as you have them in your Samsung Galaxy S2. This process is simple and does not require the use of an app or PC. I hope you can be able to transfer contacts from Samsung Galaxy S2 to Galaxy S4 easily now?

Let me hear what you have to say, use the comment form below to share your experience with transferring your contacts from an old Samsung Galaxy phone to a new one. This process will also work for even newer versions of the Samsung Galaxy Series – Samsung Galaxy S5.


  1. We Provoke Thought says

    WE are EXTREMELY GRATEFUL! It worked EFFORTLESSLY. WE will Follow you to LEARN more!
    Thank you, kindly

  2. Lorna says

    Thank you soooooo much for this! It worked and was so easy! I would never have thought you could just blue tooth contacts across.

    Very grateful :)

  3. Leigh Bosworth says

    That was marvellous – thank you so much. I spent a long time yesterday evening trying to do it via Kies and PC, but it was only partially successful. I wish I’d found your instructions first!

  4. Pk says

    Kies sucks (s2 is supported in Kies v2.6 and Note 3 is supported in Kies 3, how the hell to sync then)

    Smart switch – application itself takes so long to install etc..

    Though btooth technique has been the long time used one for nokia no one speaks abt this technique nowadays, glad i found your assistance, thnx

  5. Neil says

    Brilliant – saved me a pooload of heartache … and even the 02 girl who was good didn’t tell me this!

  6. Helen Gill says

    This was so easy silly girl at the store copied them all to sim and I lost all but the most basic of info deleted all contacts and followed these instruction and it was done in a few seconds.

  7. Maxwell Roberts says

    Thanks so much for making the process of transferring my contact list so easy! Very much appreciated

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