Top Technologies That are Revolutionizing the I.T Industry

Reading about technological advancements will leave you amazed at the potential of the future. Sure we like to gaze into the future and imagine how life will be; a greener world, a digitalized world and globalized economy. Maybe these highlight your imaginations, but have you ever pondered on technologies that could radically change the I.T industry? Well, the following advancements are creating excitement among I.T professionals.

Top Technologies Revolutionizing the I.T Industry:

4G networks

Top Technologies That are Revolutionizing the I.T IndustryThe term 4G has been thrown quite a bit by wireless communication carriers, but it’s not just a buzzword. Rather, the 4G will significantly change the mobile world. Communications running on 4G will run on high speeds of up to 100Mbs—up to 10 times faster than their 3G counterparts—for mobile use. And, just as 3G technology led to the growth of mobile web and endless related applications, 4G networks will open up opportunities that people haven’t thought up yet.

The expected network will deliver data-rich content to consumers, particularly video. The computing power of mobile devices will surely increase; in fact, with data being accessed through the robust 4G connections, mobile devices will be able to outrun their own hardware computing capabilities. Conceivable applications such as cloud computing, high-definition mobile TV, 3D television and video conferencing will be highly supported.

Cloud computing

A decade ago, cloud computing had not been dreamed up yet. Now, cloud computing is a reality that goes beyond the limits of the traditional I.T infrastructure to offer more flexibility, choice, and agility. It improves both the quantity and quality of resources available, that is, increases capability without investing in new infrastructure, new personnel or licensing new software. Simply put, it extends I.T existing capabilities. Businesses will benefit from enhanced customization and flexibility, scalability, transparent software updates by utilizing rich and functional features, and integrated marketing tools.

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Html5 is the new standard for HTML and brings with it rich internet application, semantic enrichment and native support for rich media. Rich internet applications will allow an easier integration of multimedia and graphical content to the web without using third-party plug-ins such as flash and Silverlight. Consequently, developers will be able to create rich, interactive experiences online on any device and within any browser that supports HTML5. Also, HTML5 supports geo-location making location directly available on any compatible application or browser.

Near-field communications

It started as a low murmur, then excitement and now, a loud buzz—thanks to new developments and compatible products.  And just like barcodes that allowed the ability to shop virtually, near-field communication (NFC) is the technology behind “tap and go” credit cards that make it simpler to make transactions, allowing you to shop without hard cash. It uses short range wireless connectivity, therefore, allowing transmission of data from one device to another. Mobile e-commerce transactions are expected to increase as more smartphones implement the technology. Indeed, NFC-enabled phones will provide opportunities for advertising campaigns, related apps and more.

Of course what’s new today is obsolete tomorrow, but these technologies are game-changers that will spur growth and developments in the I.T industry. And they are not far from being realized; remember the iPad and the iPhone were just imaginations of Steve Jobs.  So, yes, technology is fast advancing and evolving and the future has a lot in store.

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