Top Free Android Music Player apps

With the rapid growth of mobile technology, digital music has seen a massive growth as more and more songs are going digital. The days of tape recorders are long gone. It is not surprising to see people walk around with earphones every day, be it in the malls, public places, in the bus, etc. Mobile phones have become a powerful device with features that can allow you to play digital music on your device. Mobile devices are common devices to enjoy digital music with, so if you are an Android user, I am going to discuss top free Android music player apps so you can even enjoy the music even more.

Top Free Android Music Players apps

Free Android Music Player Apps:

Player3D Music Player: Player3D Music player app is a free Android app with amazing visual 3D effects. Simply flip on the songs to change the playing track.

Player3D Music Player

Android Music Player: This music app support Android 1.6 and higher, this app may not be the cutest music app you have ever seen but it has all the features required to enjoy digital music with.

Rocket Music Player: Rocket Music Player is an Android music player app developed by JRTStudio. Rocket Music Player has a simple UI which makes it easy for both easy and advanced users to use. This app lets you create and edit playlists, browse the music by albums, genres, artists, songs etc.

Double Twist Player: Double Twist Player app is a great music app for Android devices. With Double Twist Player, you can sync music with iTunes to your Android device. Double Twist Player app is a free Android app that allows you to enjoy digital music from your Android device.

MixZing Media Player: MixZing Music Player is indeed an awesome Android music player which has the ability to display lyrics, automatically save your playlist, automatically download missing album art.

JukeFox: JukeFox is a free Android music player app that maps your albums, smart shuffling mode that detects your mood, automatically download album covers, shake to skip track, etc.

jukefox free android music player app

Xplay Music Player: Xplay Music Player app for Android is a free music player app that plays music on your Android device. The design is indeed beautiful, with an awesome music management features.

There are countless other free Android music player apps on the Google store. So enjoy music on your Android device with any free Android music player app listed above. i hope you find this post interesting, use the share buttons to share this post with your friends. Please  remember to subscribe to my feeds by entering your email on the subscription box below.


  1. Henry Pace says

    Cool apps! I haven’t tried one of those apps. Maybe I will try it because I’m already bored on my old player. I want a new one that will not lag and not so heavy on RAM.

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