Top Class Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and iPad Games

When it is about playing games using a modernized device, Google Play stands nowhere in relation to Apple’s excellent gaming selection. Apple has some great gaming apps in store for its gamers. With the popularity of tablets and Androids, the apps collection has also rocketed to the sky level. There are lots of junks among the gaming apps of smartphones and tablets but you will find some gems in those junks.

Check out the collection of the games for your smartphones and tablets and have a splendid time when you are all alone.

Top Class Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and iPad Games

Astounding Collection of Games – A Wonderful Way to Kill Pastime    

1. HORN: A hefty fighting game is right here for you! This game has already impressed the iOS users and has surprisingly taken a leap to the Android devices catering an upgrade gaming experience for all. In this game, you will find more dancing and freely wandering enemies with a spiffing visual effect. Fight the enemies right on!!!

2. MICHAEL JACKSON – THE EXPERIENCE: Ubisoft has ported this musical game for the iOS users. In this game you will have fun in drawing shapes on the screen matching the dance moves. Different versions of this game are available for iPad and iPhone.

3. DODONPACHI RESURRECTION: If you are an Android user who wish to indulge into hardcore gaming, then this is right game for you. This game comes from “bullet hell” or Danmaku genre. This game is not for faint-hearted individuals. Two gaming modes together with beautiful scoring system make it all the more attractive to the gamers.

4. HAPPY STREET: Why only shed blood? Let’s take a tour across the lively world. This game will take you to that world where everyone is happy. Here animals are found busy with different activities. It’s like moving through the animals with an inventive mobile.

5. WILD BLOOD: Here is a high quality gaming for you. This game from Gameloft offers you a legendary experience of action-adventure game. If you are fond of deadly games, get this on your iPad or iPhone.

6. GALAGA LEGIONS DX: More of bullet games but less of hellish nature game for the Windows Phone users. This game is refurbished form of the classic version of ‘shoot ‘em up’. A lot of entertainment is waiting for you with this game.

7. SALLY’S SPA: Have you dreamt of launching your own spa? Here is an option for you to set up a virtual spa of your own. This spa management game will help you to understand how you can build up your spa maintain the satisfaction of the customers.

8. HUEBRIX: This is a newly launched puzzle game that although has a casual appearance, yet can keep you engaged for hours and even for a day. It’s an addiction! This gameplay also gives you the opportunity to make a puzzle by your own name and share it with your peer group.

9. GASKETBALL: A game much better than the basketball. This game starts with the mini form of basketball and then offers you the chance to make shots to throw challenge to the friends playing on the same iPad.

Play game on your smartphone or tablet and have a magnificent time! Choose your favorite game now!

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