Top Christmas WordPress Plugins to add Snowfall effect to your Blog


Christmas is here again, a time of the year when kids believe Santa will bring them gifts as a reward of their good deeds for the year, stores play Jingle Bells and homes are decorated with colorful lights filled with sweet smells of pine trees, why shouldn’t you deck your WordPress site?

In the spirit of Christmas, I have compiled a list of Christmas WordPress plugins to add snowfall effect to your blog for Christmas. These plugins will add a Christmas effect to your WordPress site and make your visitors feel the season even while they are on your site.

WP Snowfall

WP Snowfall - Top Christmas WordPress Plugins to add Snowfall effect to your Blog

WP Snowfall is Christmas WordPress plugin to add a snowfall effect to your blog, it is a simple plugin as no configuration is needed to make is work, just install and activate and snow will start falling on your WordPress site.

Simply Snow


Simply Snow plugin is yet another Christmas WordPress plugin to add snowfall effect to your blog and though the plugin is still in its first version it is ranked 5 star already. The Simply Snow plugin creates a snowing effect on your site without cluttering or affecting your site speed. Simply install and activate.

Snow Storm

Snow Storm

Snow Storm is an awesome Christmas WordPress plugin that adds a cozy touch of Christmas to your page. It displays falling snow flakes on the front of your WordPress site for a festive presentation.

Xmas Snow


Xmas Snow is yet another Christmas WordPress plugin to add snowfall effect to your WordPress blog. Just like the other plugins listed here; simply install and activate the Xmas Snow plugin to show snowing effect at the top of your site.

Snow, Balloons & More

snow,balloons and more

Do you want to add snowfall effect on your WordPress blog? This plugin will add snowfall effect to your WordPress site; other options include leaves, balloons that can float upwards. You can even customize it further by adding images in the picture folder and they will appear on the settings page for selection. You can also configure the plugin to display the snowfall effect on specific posts or pages.

Improved Let It Snow!


Improved let it snow is yet another Christmas WordPress plugin to add snowfall effect to your blog. Simply install and activate to see falling snow on your blog.



Snowy is yet another Christmas WordPress plugin to add snowfall effect to your blog. Install and activate to add snowing effect on your WordPress site.

WP Super Snow (Falling Snow, Customizable)

WP Super Snow

Add snowfall effect to your WordPress site with WP Super Snow plugin this festive season. WP Super Snow plugin is a lightweight plugin with jQuery and CSS3 and you can use various configurations to customize the effect.

3D Snow

3D Snow adds a snowfall effect on your WordPress blog, its simple just install and activate to see snowing effect on your site.

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  1. Hey Nwosu Mavtrevor,

    You’ve shared wonderful list of great plugins for Christmas. I’m also observing a snow effect at your header and footer too.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Nwosu, Nice plugins to add snowfall on Christmas thanks for sharing. It will really help readers to feel good.

  3. Some cool snow effects. Actually, I’m going to do install one right now! Thanks for sharing this list!

  4. Hello buddy,
    Merry Christmas …!! :) Well, while I was surfing blogs I saw this kinda effects used in many infact majority of the blogs and I was actually searching for this one. Thank you so much for sharing this.
    I’ll definately try this one out.
    Well, which plugin do you prefer ??

  5. Hy Nwosu, I applied it and it helps our blog look really different.
    Thanks for the share. :)

  6. Hi Nwosu,

    As usual, an exhaustive and well written list! Well, I’m not much into decorating blog. But some fellow female bloggers are crazy about it! I bet they’ll find this article helpful.

    Gonna recommend it to them :)


  7. Hi Nwosu,
    Well timed post! you’ve shared a great list of snowfall plugins! I’m going to install it!
    thanks for sharing! :)

  8. This is what I have been looking for. Thanks for the list. Now I can get my blog snowy too~ :D

  9. Merry Christmas Mr.Nwosu. Thanks for the list of snowfall plugins. I think I’m too late to find this post but glad I’m found this!

    I’m wondering if this snowfall effect would work in my blog because I’ve white background and I can’t make it visible unless if I have too many images, what you say?

    PS: The links for WP Snowfall and Simply Snow are incorrect. Please rectify those.
    And your CommentLuv plugin is not working. It’s showing me “Error. Parsing JSON Request failed.‘’)
    ” error.

  10. Merry Christmas Nwosu Mavtrevor !! Just installed WP Snowfall on my blog and it’s looking Damn Awesome.

    Thanks for sharing !!

  11. i just install WP snowfall and it is looking damn awesome.
    Thanks for sharing this kind of post. It feels real snowfall on Christmas day.
    Merry Christmas Day :)

  12. I have seen quite a few blogs implement the snowfall effect, adds a nice touch for the winter period.

  13. Nice list of plugins Nwosu. This is a christmas time so wordpress users should use these plugin. I’m gone try these plugins. Thanks for the list

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