Top 7 Must Have Softwares For Your Windows 8

Windows 8 has many fascinating features, yet the most critical of all of its features is the Windows Store. It’s now simple to upgrade your Windows 8 laptop or Windows 8 tablet with a host of capable and meaningful applications – and these can immediately be installed on all your other Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 PCs in a click or two.

You’ll have to find them initially, of course, which is a thing of hustle, since the Windows Store now has thousands of applications contending for your consideration.

Top 7 Must Have Software For Your Windows 8

Windows 8 Software you must have

Lets take a look on the best Windows 8 software that are accessible for your download.

Everyone knows that windows market is way immense than any other operating system, though i will not say its the best. There are many software and applications which can make your PC turn into a super workstation and makes your life very simple. Today i will tell you about the Top 7 Software for windows 8 that will make your computer much simpler and better than it is.

1. Eraser

Whenever we take away a computer document from our hard-drive , the content of that computer file can be recovered by using recovery software like Recuva. But sometime we wish to uproot and remove a PC file totally which cant be recovered by any available effort. Eraser provides this feature with ease as it totally deletes any record or information from your hard-drive.

2. Unlocker

Sometimes, as at the time of removing files from a computer , a very annoying pop up comes out with an error that says ” the file is open in another application”

You’ve seen that before right? i bet you do not hate that error as much as i do. So here is where Unlocker get effective. You  can effectively remove these lapses by using unlocker.

3. AlwaysOnTop

This small windows app can rapidly  keep any of your window at the top while you are doing any other process.

4. DoubleKiller

Most times we tend to copy data on our troublesome hard-drive. With Doublekiller, You can uproot cloned data such as pictures, movies, programs, music and so on. It basically looks at hash of two data. in the event that hash is equivalent then it eradicates one of the record and spare our hard drive space very free.

5. TCPView

This is an incredible app for windows 8, It helps to look at which app on your laptop or computer is connected to the internet. and with this app you can then execute unwanted process by heading through the task manager.

6. Droplr

Doplr assists you with simple way to transfer documents and information on the web. It make a “Drop ozone” on your PC. Just place any document you want to distribute on the internet in to the drop zone. The file will be instantly be transferred and a download URL will be placed in the clip board.

7. TinyGrab

Tinygrab offers an execution to distribute your screenshots on the web quickly. Just take any screenshot and Tinygrab instantly distributes it to the internet. Your screenshots will be on the web for all time until you directly delete them.

The new Windows 8.1 version, currently available in a sneak peek, makes radical enhancements to the discover-ability of applications, yet in the interim we will be looking out for new hidden games.

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  1. says

    Windows 8 is indeed a great OS, and with the upcoming launch of the final updated version of Windows 8.1 it is going towards even a better stage….I have been using Win 8 for three months now…and it’s good, and all the apps you have mentioned here are pretty amazing indeed….thanks for sharing it Ahmsta bro…..loved your article….

  2. says

    Looks like a solid list to me Ahmsta! Download the right software to make life a bit easier. I resisted getting techy for a long time but see the benefits now in updating apps, etc… yourself time and energy.

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. says

    Hello Ahmsta
    I am a windows 8 user from the beigning with the release of Windows 8 consumer preview and now a user of Windows 8.1 preview. Really these apps are great and we shoulf try to use them if we are a windows 8 user. Thanks for sharing .

  4. says

    Thanks for sharing these softwares Ahmsta. I was previously using Windows 8 on my laptop but due to some reasons i just shifted to Windows 7 again. If in future i am using Windows 8 again i will definately give a shot to these softwares.

  5. says

    Hey bro really cool which i have not tried this before with windows 8 would like to check them and software will be useful for me i guess

  6. says

    i am not really sure when will i update my OS from Windows 7 to 8. nevertheless, your post would be useful for future use once i updated my OS to Windows 8. bookmarked for future use

  7. says

    Useful post for the Windows 8 users :)

    Am using Windows 7, so i have bookmarked this post for future use.

    Thanks for sharing it :)

  8. says

    It’s sad on my part that I have not used any of them till now despite of the fact that I’m using Win 8. Gonna definitely give it a shot.

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