Top 5 Reasons why your business needs a blog

The concept of blogging has totally surpassed its earlier definition and understanding. Many business owners wonder why their business will need a blog; some will even argue that instead of blogging, it would be more profitable to spend time on the social media like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

No matter what your business is you need a blog for it and in this article I will share with you top 5 reasons why your business needs a blog. Business blogging if done right could benefit your customers in a lot of ways but most especially in providing them with the right information about your business. Here are some reasons why your business needs a blog.

Top 5 Reasons why your business needs a blog

Why your business needs a blog

 1. Blogging as a Business Branding Tool

Blogging has grown into an invaluable business branding tool for any kind of business you may have. You can use blogging as your personal branding tool of choice to promote your business the best way you can. You can’t ignore the role of branding in business; it has changed the lives of a lot of businesses worldwide.

Some businesses have grown from little one man businesses to world class brands. You can build a lasting credibility for your business with a blog; properly branding your business through the right kind of contents can help you connect with people of same ideas out there. Building a blog for that business of yours today could be the game-changer to that business. Not only will you provide the right information about your business through blogging you can also actively engage with your readers.

 2. Blogging as Business Promotion Tool

Every business has its competitions and you can use blogging as a promotional tool for your business. Blogging will help you engage actively with your target audience and this could be all you’ll need to edge out your competitors.

The way information is disseminated these days’ means that you can only be successful in social media if you have contents that can be shared. So I will advise you to build a blog for your business today, you may think its hard or stressful, so are your competitors saying, stop procrastinating and build your business a blog today.

 3. Blogging as a Business Testing ground for new ideas

You can actually use blogging as a business testing ground for new ideas. You can find out what your customers will like or not even before applying it in your business simply by throwing the idea out there through a blog post and ask your audience for feedback.

This is a safer testing model than implementing an idea first before finding out what your customers think about such an idea.

 4. Blogging as a Business Social Proof

Business blogging could boast your customer’s confidence in your business. A customer will be encouraged to do business with you when he has seen others who have done business with you what they have to say about your business either through interactions on your blog or your social media engagements through posts shared from your blog. Use your blog as a proof of your existence and help your business grow.

 5. Blogging as a Business Relationship Building Tool

You can easily express yourself and your business through your blog and this can help you build and manage relationships with your customers. You can connect with your customers through your blog comments, feedback and social sharing and this is an easier way if building and managing business relationships. You do not need a call center to provide support for your business when you take advantage of blogging as a business relationship building tool.

 How will you build a blog for your business today?

Okay I know this is the big question you may be asking yourself already, you don’t have to worry I have personally developed a lot of resources that can get you stated almost immediately so you can build a nice and successful blog for your business today.

You can access my beginner’s blogging guides on the following;

Beginners guide to blogging: How to build a blog – Episode 1

Beginners guide to Blogging: Content Creation – Episode 2

Beginners guide to blogging: Search Engine Optimization – Episode 3

Beginners Guide to Blogging: Web Promotion – Episode 4

Beginner’s Guide to Blogging: Monetization – Episode 5

You may also have to check out all the blogging tips previously published on this blog.

If you have further questions especially on what you could blog about you can use the comment section below to ask, I will be glad to guide on to get started with your business blog.

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  1. says

    Yeah, true points Nwosu :)

    Certainly, every business needs blog to get reputation, brand name and to connect with like-minded people.

    Thanks for sharing the positive blogging stuffs, keep doing it :)

  2. says

    Hi Nwosu,

    Branding is huge for me, in the blogging realm. Especially after my site re-design from a few weeks back. Branding you and standing out from the crowd are 2 chief reasons why you want to go the blogging route for your online business.

    I like having 1-stop-shopping for my gifting prospects or potential clients. They can see all they need to know in a jiffy by stopping by Cash With A True Conscience. Videos, audio, reviews, posts, anything that helps them better get to know me and see what I can offer.

    Power share buddy, keep on spreading the value-packed word.


  3. says

    Hi Nwosu,
    Though I would not say that EVERY business will get a shot in the arm by maintaining a blog, entrepreneurs who earn their living online can certainly benefit hugely if they do manage to set up a blog to reach out to their existing and potential customers.
    Incidentally, the first eBook i ever wrote for one of my best clients till date was also titled, “Blogging for entrepreneurs”.

  4. says

    Hi Nwosu, these indeed are very vital reasons i must say, it was well baked for the blogosphere, i love nubers 3 and 5 a great deal, thanks for sharing.

  5. says

    blogging is very good for every business as far you want to gain more ground and get exposure more than your territory. to get exposure you need a source and the internet is a very great model for that to happen.

    It just that some people just don,t take this very serious and end one in the same position for years. new ideas works as the years and technology increases.

    great post

  6. says

    At this age every business need a site since we have already entered into a global village and technology will bring us closer everyday. Good post ~ Anetta

  7. says

    Hi Nwosu,
    True facts friend, one point I really appreciate is the fact that it promotes your business. Blogging also craves a brand for you.
    Thanks for the share pal.

  8. says

    I 100% do agree with these points especially the second point you made,blogging as business promotion tool! The power of blogging as a business tool can’t in anyway be under-estimated!

  9. says

    Great post Nwosu,

    You really shared an informative post. I really agreed with your points and any company must have blogs to get more better reputation and all.


  10. says

    Hi Nwosu,

    Internet is a blessing to every businesses and to use this effectively and explore the true power of social media and other traffic generating websites every business should maintain a dedicated blog of their own…..and currently many are doing that effectively…..I am totally agreed with all the points that you’ve mentioned here….keep writing….

  11. says

    Hi Mavtrevor,
    great points.

    I think every business should need an online presence.
    Also, social media is a great way to increase your audience and improve the engagement with your customers.

    Thanks for sharing,
    and welcome to Klinkk! :-)

  12. says

    Blog is an well known source for sharing the information and promotional stuff about the website. I would like to thanks for sharing the importance of blog.

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