Top 5 free Movie Library Software for Windows


Any movie lover like me will definitely understand the need to keep track of all his movie collections with a movie library. It is easy to lose track of movies in a big collection, so to keep better tabs of my movies whether they are ripped movies from DVD or downloaded movies from the internet in a visually arranged manner, I use some movie cataloging tools.

Top 5 free Movie Library Software for Windows

So today I am going to share with you the top 5 free movie library software for Windows as I have noticed that most of the movie library tools are premium tools and not many people can afford the money to buy them.

1. Personal Video Database

Personal Video Database helps you manage your movie collections in order. It is optimized for cataloging and maintaining a large movie collection. It is the first in my list of “Top 5 free movie library software for Windows” because it is a great program and its ability to group and search make it quite easy to find movies. It also accepts plugins that can retrieve detailed information about any movie online.

Personal Video Database comes with a wizard that can import cover arts, cast information and many more from the internet movie database IMDB and other similar sites.

Click here to download a full zipped package of Personal video database.

2. My Movie Library

My movie library is yet another of my favorite “Top 5 free movie library software for Windows” not just because it is free but because of a lot of awesome features it has. My movie library is a free database tool for cataloging and keeping track of your movie collection. The program can also download cover art and movie information from IMDB and can easily search and find any movie with just few clicks.

Click here to download the Setup file for My Movie Library.

3. Libra

Libra made it to my list of “Top 5 free movie library software for Windows” because not only can it organize movies in a library it can also extend such function to your books, audio CDs and Games even and it is also free. With Libra you can easily sort or search through your movie collection and can also keep track of what friend borrowed a movie from you.

With Libra you can import your collection from other cataloging apps, enter items by scanning the bar codes on a web cam or actual scanner, or enter your titles manually.

Click here to download the setup file for Libra.


Eric’s Movie Database simply known as EMDB is yet another worthy application to make my list of “Top 5 free movie library software for Windows” not just because it is free. EMDB is a small utility to keep track of your DVD collection and can automatically import from cover arts from IMDB. The application does not even need a .Net framework or any external libraries to function and it’s available on several languages.

Click here to download the setup file for EMDB.

5. GCstar

GCstar is a free open source application for managing your movie collection and this has earned it a place on my “Top 5 free movie library software for Windows”. Detailed information on movies can be automatically downloaded from the internet and you can store additional data, such as the location or who you’ve lent it to. You may also search and filter your collection by many criteria.

GCstar can manage any collections not just movies alone. You can also import film-related data from various sources for managing DVD collections.

Click here to download a setup file for GCstar.

I hope you like my list of “Top 5 free movie library software for Windows”. Do you know of other free movie library software for Windows? Share with me using the comment form below, remember to subscribe to my RSS feed.

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  1. Hello Nwosu,

    Being a bookworm and a confirmed Internet addict, I hardly have time for movies. The only one on the list I’m familiar with is My Movie Library.

    My Movie Library serves my needs excellently. However, when I’ve got time, I’ll check out the others.

    Do have a great day…and thanks for sharing!

    - Terungwa

  2. Hello,

    Awesome post! I haven’t used any of the movie libraries mentioned above although I’m a movie freak. I’d surely try all of them.


  3. Great List Nwosu,

    Its only use two software listed in the list those are great an i will definitely try other software’s also


  4. wat a great lists you have compiled, nice one dudes

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