Top 10 Windows 8 Apps for Bloggers

Microsoft in its latest operating system Windows 8 decided to add an app store just like Mac did a long time ago with Apple Store and Google with Google Play. The Microsoft Windows 8 Apps Store comprises of free and paid apps and serves as a platform to distribute Windows apps. Windows 8 Apps Store supports Windows 8 OS for now. As a blogger, I want to look at the top Windows 8 apps that can enhance my productivity and help make blogging easier and even more fun.

In the past I have talked about Smartphone apps every blogger should use and I highlighted quite a good number of smartphone apps that can enhance one as a blogger, but today I want to highlight Windows 8 apps that can also make blogging easier and even fun. So if you are a blogger like me and you have just upgraded your OS to Windows 8 like I did some weeks ago, take a look at the following apps both free and paid.

Top 10 Windows 8 Apps for Bloggers

Windows 8 Apps for Bloggers:

1. Cloud Notes: Cloud Notes is a free note taking Windows 8 app. You can add, edit, delete and even change notes colors. Your notes are synchronized across all your devices with same Live ID. As bloggers ideas rush in and out of our minds and if you don’t take them down almost immediately you may lose them, so Cloud Notes is very important Windows 8 app for every blogger who is using Windows 8 as it will help you take notes no matter the Windows 8 device you are with. Your notes are synchronized so you can be able to access your notes from different devices and locations.

2. To-Dos: Never forget your tasks with to-dos Windows 8 app, this app will stick your important task lists, check lists or to dos on your Metro screen so you don’t have to forget any of them ever again. As bloggers there is always much to do and we’ll probably forget some if we don’t write them down, use the To-Dos to plan your tasks so you don’t forget any.

3. Evernote: Evernote just like Cloud Notes is a free Windows 8 app that helps you take notes and synchronize it across multiple devices. Capture that inspired moment with your Windows 8 Evernote app and access them from different devices be it Smartphones, Computers or Tablets.

4. Analytics Pro (Paid App $4.99): Analytics Pro is a paid Windows 8 app that gives you instant insight into your Google Analytics reports. You can easily access your traffic, average page views, bounce rate, new visitors, average time on site, referrals, countries, Sources, browsers, Operating systems, landing pages etc. As a blogger who likes to keep an eye on your analytics reports, Analytics Pro Windows 8 app is a great app for your Windows 8 PC.

5. Adsense Pro (Paid App $4.99): Of course every blogger likes to keep tabs with his earnings and as such Adsense Pro is a paid Windows 8 app that allows you to have instant access to your Google Adsense account. Adsense Pro provides reports and charting for channels, products, ad units, size, format, bid type, buyer network etc. You can choose your desired date range for the reports. If you are worried about the safety of your account, Adsense Pro uses Oauth 2.0 to authenticate with Google. So if you are a blogger who likes to know how much you are earning, Adsense Pro is the app for you.

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6. Blogs Reader: Blogs Reader is a free Windows 8 app that allows you to read your favorite blogs, as bloggers we read a lot to be able to write and this app will make it even easier to read our favorite blogs.

7. MetroTwit: Since blogging involves content promotion and social media interaction between bloggers and their audience, Social apps are necessary for every blogger using Windows 8. MetroTwit is a free Windows 8 app that allows you manager your Twitter account right from your metro screen.

8. Reddit To GO!: This is your go-to Reddit app for Windows 8, this app lets you submit links, search, and comment on Reddit. Bloggers using Windows 8 will definitely love this app as it will really give you a better Reddit experience.

9. StumbleUpon: StumbleUpon Windows 8 app lets you share your favorite stuffs with the whole internet. Stumble your favorite pictures, videos, and web pages with this great Windows 8 app.

10. Share All: Use the Share All app to share your favorite stuffs with your friends on different social networks like Twitter and Facebook. You can even call up this app from within another app.

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I hope you find these Widows 8 apps interesting and fun to use to enhance your productivity as a blogger. Do you know of other awesome Windows 8 apps for bloggers? please use the comment form below to share with me. Remember to subscribe to my RSS feeds.


  1. says

    How can you not include Writer 2012 in your list of apps? This is one fantastic piece of blogging software that allows you to write as you would in Word and instantly post the article to your blog on virtually any platform, it even auto uploads the images.

  2. Russell says

    I have own Dell Window 8 for about 6 months now and have had more problems you can imagine. Reload to factory setting 2 time then re-install my programs. Have to do restart several times a day after freezing up or going into a white screen. Never had a problem with Window 7 on my spare HP.

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