Top 10 Tools for Content Curation

By now you must have heard of the term ‘Content Curation’ and may be wondering what it’s all about. Well Content Curation is a process of discovering, gathering and cataloging interesting content around a topic and share for a common benefit. When you hear Content Curation, think of it as a museum with similar items displayed for people to look at.

Content Curation is all about gathering items of importance and interest and sharing them for other people to see, for example during the SOPA war a lot of people wrote so many things which most of them lacked the right information and data. Someone needed to come in and publish a clear case of what was going on to clear the air on what is right and wrong.

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So if you had read some interesting articles somewhere and decided to gather them for people to read what you read so they too can have a better understanding of what was going on, you are then being a Content Curator. Today I want to show you some amazing Content Curation tools, keep in mind there are lots of different ways one could curate. You can curate out of your website and can also curate on your website as Ti Roberts well explained in this article ‘The Rebel’s Traffic Talk Episode #2 – How to Drive Traffic by Curating Content’.

Tools for Content Curation:

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Top 10 Tools for Content Curation

This list contains the Top 10 Tools for Content Curation.

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  1. Top 10 Tools for Content Curation |

    Easily curate engaging magazines. Effectively feed your web presence.

  2. 2


    Top 10 Tools for Content Curation | Vingle

    Vingle is a playground for your passions, curiosities, and thoughts. A global community where you can create, engage, and connect with others.

  3. 3


    Top 10 Tools for Content Curation | Trapit Rule the web.

  4. Top 10 Tools for Content Curation | Storify

    Don't get lost in the noise. Discover the voices worth sharing.

  5. Top 10 Tools for Content Curation | Pinterest

    Pinterest is an online pinboard.

  6. 6


    Top 10 Tools for Content Curation | Listly

    Lists = Ranking. List Posts = Traffic. We help bloggers & brands curate, crowdsource, and engage readers via live embedded list content inside blog posts.

  7. Top 10 Tools for Content Curation |

    Collect the best of the web.

  8. Top 10 Tools for Content Curation | BagTheWeb

    BagTheWeb helps users curate Web content. For any topic, you can create a bag to collect, publish, and share any content from the Web.

  9. Top 10 Tools for Content Curation |

    Publish Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or any web content into your own online newspaper.

  10. 10


    Top 10 Tools for Content Curation | Kuratur

    Easily curate cool, custom, automated content walls in minutes. For free. Enhance SEO. Build authority and credibility.

  11. Top 10 Tools for Content Curation | Pearltrees

    Pearltrees lets you have all your interests at your fingertips all the time

  12. 12


    Top 10 Tools for Content Curation | Bundlr

    Create topic pages with photos, videos, tweets and documents. Share them with everyone.

  13. Top 10 Tools for Content Curation | CLIPZINE

    The CLIPZINE is a content curation platform that is able to create a Reusable Sharable Portable stylish zine page like beautiful magazine-style. Clipping -> Styling -> Sharing

  14. Top 10 Tools for Content Curation | Roojoom - Inspire Your Readers By Leading The Way

    Roojoom is a content marketing management platform that enables anyone to curate and share existing online content in a visually engaging interface.

Do you see how I could use one of the Content Curation Tool – to compile a list of Content Curation Tools, you can see that the list has something in common; they are all taking about same topic – Content Curation.

You discover new and reliable information with Content Curation. As Content Curation is growing in popularity, a well curated page can become a traffic farm for your website. Once you have established yourself as a strong and reliable source of information, people will trust you and will always want to read your contents. So Content Curation is a means of feeding your audience with useful related information from all around the web.

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Have you used any Content Curation Tool before? Which did you use? What are your experiences with Content Curation? Are you Curating the right way? I want to hear from you on this topic, use the comment form below to share with me. Remember to subscribe to my RSS feeds.


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    Thanks for your comment and i find interesting…and i’ve used it for awhile not to curate some great contents and i am totally in love with its notification of every milestone that way you can keep tracks of your activities.

  2. says

    Great post! I’ve known about and used, Pinterest, Storify, and Scoop.It, but hadn’t heard of the others prior to this post. I’m going to have to give a couple of the others a try – specifically listly and bundlr. Those seem quite interesting for my purposes (personally) and maybe even for a couple of the newspapers and magazines I write for.

  3. says

    Hi Nwosu,

    Great post and thanks so much for the mention! I totally agree with your post, curating content has really become huge and the tools you’ve listed here are sure to make it easier for us to leverage its power. Kudos for providing such a great resource and thanks again for the mention!

    See ya’ around! :)


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