Top 10 Social Media Networks for 2012

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Social media networks have revolutionalized the way we communicate with our friends and even the way we do business. This year 2012, a lot of innovative ideas have driven the social media industry to a new height. Everyday people get on the social media networks either to interact with old friends or make new ones. Even the variety of the social media networks doesn’t seem to mean anything as it is a common thing to see same person belonging to multiple social media networks. I am almost on them all…

Everyday new ones are being created, most of them die off at birth some survive to compete in the already saturated social media market. Today I want to simply look at the top 10 social media networks for 2012.

Top 10 Social Media Networks for 2012:

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In Conclusion:

The next time you visit a social media network, take some time to compare them and see which provides you with the best social tools. Whether you are using them for personal reasons or business reasons the social media networks can drive your cause to a new height.

If you have more social media networks you can add them to the list here or via the comment form below. Remember to share this post with your friends and subscribe to my RSS feeds via the subscription box below.

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  1. Anthony says

    Facebook is definitely the biggest social network out there with the highest influence. Thumbs up

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