Tips to make your Computer faster

No one likes a slow computer; imagine a computer that wastes so much time in processing data. I want to use this article to discuss how to make your computer faster, so follow carefully the guidelines given in this article to increase your computer speed and help keep it running smoothly.

Tips to make your Computer faster

1. Make sure there is an antivirus and antispyware program installed on your system. This will help protect your system from spywares and viruses. Spywares collects personal information without your notice and permission. This will thus put your personal information like username and passwords at risk. There activities on the background can hamper your computer’s performance. So your computer needs to have an updated antivirus and antispyware programs.  Microsoft Security Essentials  is a recommended program for a good antispyware. Microsoft Security Essential is a spyware removal tool which can help protect your PC from emerging threats and also known ones.

2. Clean up your system and free up disk space. There are quite good number of Disk cleanup tools that can help you free up Disk space and thus improve your computer’s performance. CCleaner can help you remove temporary internet files, Delete downloaded programs, empty recycle bin, remove Windows temporary files, delete optional Windows components you don’t use, delete installed programs, uninstall programs, remove unused restored points.  So if you want to know more about this CCleaner, read my earlier post on it here.

3. Use any good Defragmenter, so as to reduce the time it will take for your PC to locate and open a file. Defraggler is a very good software application you can use to defragment your hard disk and other drives to free up space. Defraggler organizes empty disk space to further prevent fragmentation, this application is fully Windows operating system and multilingual supported.

4. Periodically running the error checking utility will help you maintain fast speed on your computer as most of the errors that would’ve slowed your system can now be identified and corrected.

5. Upgrade your Operating system to the latest OS always as the new improvements that come with every new OS will be an added advantage to speeding up your computer. If you are still a Windows XP user, I want you to read “Reasons to upgrade to Windows 7”   or if you are a Windows Vista user, read Windows Vista to Windows 7 upgrade  .

6. Learn about ReadyBoost: ReadyBoost can speed up your computer by using storage space on USB flash drives and flash memory cards. Click here to read more about this.

Following the tips listed above will surely help you maintain a fast computer. If you have any contribution to add to this blog post, please use the comment box below. I will like to hear from you. You should also Subscribe to NetMediaBlog Feeds by Email.


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