Tips to make your Android device faster again

After using your Android device for some time it may begin to slow down and lag, and this is quite frustrating for every user in such situation. The more apps you install on your Android device, the less memory you make available on your device. Then your device will become slower in processing your apps and this will definitely affect your battery life and device performance. Just like no one likes to use a slow computer, no one also loves using a slow Android device. So let’s look at how we can make our device faster again.

Make your Android device fast again

How to make your Android device faster again:

1. Reboot your Android device:

If your Android device suddenly becomes slow and takes unnecessary time to respond, reboot your device as this will kill all processes consuming your memory.  Then you can launch your desired apps. If your Android is still slow after rebooting follow the steps below.

2. Uninstall unnecessary and unused apps:

It is a common practice for Android users to install a lot of apps, some of these apps are rarely used or unnecessary, uninstall such apps to make more memory available for other important apps to use in your device. Ensure to always keep minimum apps on your Android device and keep only the important ones. The less apps you run, the more responsive your Android device will be since there will now be free available memory to use.

3. Reduce the number of Widgets/Home screens you use in your device:

Reduce the number of widget your device and also reduce to its minimum the number of Home screens on your device. Widgets consume your memory as their services run on your device even when you are not using them. Reducing them will make more memory available.

4. Install a Custom ROM:

Since newer versions of Android OS performs better than their older counterparts, it will be wise to install custom ROMs to get a newer version of Android OS. This will make your device more responsive.

5. Transfer apps to Memory Card:

As much as this may involve rooting your Android device, moving apps to your memory card will make more memory space available in your internal memory which serves as RAM to your device. A2SD is an app that can allow you to install apps on your SD card rather than your internal memory and this will help you ensure more internal space on your device.

6. Turn of unnecessary services when not in use:

It is advisable to turn off services you are not using anytime you are not using it. Services like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS etc. Most times even when you are not using an app, its services may still be running on the background, so killing the services manually will make more space available to other apps.

Final Thoughts:

So much have been written about this topic in so many blogs, no matter what have been written one thing remains certain, when you install so many apps, your memory is used up and your Android device requires memory to process quickly, so when the memory have been used by other apps, it is always difficult for your device to perform as expected. So I will advise you to always ensure good memory management practices that will always free up internal memory for your Android device to perform optimally.

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  1. arockgirl says

    Rebooting usually works for me, but i probablly need to uninstall some apps im not using anymore, nice post! thanks for sharing

  2. Eric says

    #6 – What does ‘turn of unnecessary services’ mean? Is the ‘of’ supposed to be ‘OFF’? That makes more sense.

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