Tips on Using an Online Ticketing to Speed Up Your Process


Your ticketing process will have a direct effect on the number of people who visit your event or attraction. People want access quickly and will be turned off by having to wait for hours. You can speed up this process by using an online ticketing process. However, you need to make sure you have one that is beneficial and really will speed up the process, while being user friendly. Here are some tips on finding the perfect software or to create your own.

Is the System Easy for the Customer to Use?

Tips on Using an Online Ticketing to Speed Up Your ProcessThe most important part of this is buying the ticket. You will need to have a system that is straight forward so that your customers can quickly click, pay and checkout. When a system is over complicated and gives too many options, your customers are more likely to look elsewhere or will opt for queuing and cause a problem for you with a long ticketing process.

Think about the system that you would like to use as a customer – not a system that you think benefits your business more. How easy is it to make payments? How would you react if there were endless pop-ups while you were trying to make your purchase? If you would not like something then there are high chances that your customers will not either.

Make Sure the Payment is Secure

Security is essential when buying online and you need to put your customers’ minds at ease. Prove to your customers that you have a secure system so their details are safe from hackers. You will also need to have a data protection and privacy policy on the website. This helps your customers understand how you keep their details and whether they will be passed on to third parties.

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Could You Offer a Discount?

Apart from the quicker processing, why should someone buy tickets online? What would stop them from looking at your competitors instead? Considering offering discounts for online tickets; after all, it cuts out the need for the person to take the money and hand the ticket since everything is an automated system.

There is also the option to offer season passes on your website. This will help to cut the cost and the time for your customers considerably, since they will be able to jump the ticket queues and not have to go onto your website until the next year.

Printing the Tickets

The question is whether you offer them a booking confirmation that they need to bring or whether they have to print the tickets. By offering a booking confirmation, you will still need some way of giving them their ticket but this can be solved by a specific booth or area for these prepaid tickets. By asking your customers to print the ticket, you have to assume that not everyone will have access to a printer and it could then take up time at the event.

Many companies will charge extra if the tickets are not printed off at home or will allow e-tickets since so many people now carry their smartphones with access to their emails. These will help to cut down on the number of people buying tickets at your event and cover the cost should someone decide not to print the ticket off.

Software is a great way to cut down your ticketing times but there are drawbacks. You need a system that is easy to use and offers a reason for your customers to go to you.

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