Things needed to become a successful blogger

Becoming a blogger is as easy as ABC but remaining one takes more. So many times I’ve seen folks asking questions about what and what they needed to become a successful blogger and in countless number of times I’ve tried to explain to them, so I am going to explain it here once more so that everyone can read for themselves.

Blogging means to add a new material to or regularly update a blog, so as you can see blogging entails regular posting/updating. It’s not a once in a while thing. That means you need internet presence to become a successful blogger.  That brings me to the first thing you should need to become a successful blogger.

Things needed to become a successful blogger:

A working computer: yes you need a working computer to blog, I am not saying it is not possible to blog from the mobile phone, but it is far better to blog from a computer especially when you are creating/designing the blog newly. You need to see everything they way they exactly are. Because you blog from a mobile phone does not mean that all your visitors will view your blog from a mobile phone. So if you don’t arrange your blog post very well it may be the first turn off to a visitor and you’ll lose traffic and when you lose traffic you lose money.

A steady internet connection: Since blogging entails steady updating or posting of articles to your blog, you will need a steady internet connection because you cannot afford not to update your blog because your internet connection is down. So you have to make provision for a steady internet connection to excel in blogging.

Domain and hosting:  Self-hosted domains (blogs) are preferably better as this will give you the freedom to customize your blog as you like. There are so many free hosted blogs on the internet just like Blogspot and WordPress free hosted blogs. You may not have the freedom to customize and monetize your blog as you may like, so I advise you to purchase a domain name and web hosting from a reliable reseller as you won’t want your blog to be offline as a result of purchasing from unreliable resellers. Hostgator and godaddy are good hosts. Syskay is also a reliable reseller; I’ve used them for awhile now.

Next will be Knowledge of what you want to blog about and the passion to blog: Let’s say you have met all the above conditions, well. But then it is not enough for you to become a successful blogger, you will need to be knowledgeable about the subject you want to blog about, so you will need a lot of researches and readings to gather quality information. You will also need the inner drive called passion to continue your daily task as blogging is not quite easy.

Lastly you will need a lot of patience if you are to become a successful blogger. If your motive of blogging is to make money, then you have to be patient because the money may not start coming immediately until you may have built a credible online presence. So you will need to be very patient to finally achieve your dreams of becoming a blogger.

I hope I have answered all your questions about what and what you may need to become a successful blogger. You should read my earlier post on  “How to create a blog site” . You should also Subscribe to NetMediaBlog Feeds by Email


  1. Eleonora Fowlar says

    As a web site owner I believe the material here is really wonderful. I thank you for your time. You should keep it up forever! Best of luck..

  2. says

    Hey Nwosu, well said and I also know that all you mentioned is totally important for a new blogger like me. You mentioned all I know but the way you describe it, totally awesome and easy for me. Thanks a lot and keep writing.

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