Tech Gift Ideas for Kids this Christmas 2013


Tech gifts are usually the best type of gifts for kids, they definitely make the best impression and as part of my “Tech gift ideas for Christmas 2013” series, I have decided to share some tech gift ideas for kids this Christmas with you. Having covered the “Tech gift ideas for men this Christmas 2013” and “Tech Gift ideas for Ladies this Christmas 2013” earlier on this blog, I think it’s time to talk about what kids will like as gifts this Christmas.

This year has seen some great technological innovations and kids stuffs are not left out, I have taken some time to ask some kids what they will like for Christmas and most of them want tech gifts. So I have compiled this list based on my little hang out with kids these few days and I hope you find it interesting to buy for your kids. Let’s check them out…

Nikon Coolpix AW110

Tech Gift Ideas for Kids this Christmas 2013

Nikon COOLPIX AW110 Wi-Fi waterproof digital camera with GPS is definitely a perfect tech gift for kids this Christmas. The Nikon coolpix AW110 is a waterproof, shockproof and freezeproof camera that can capture extreme moments, the pictures can also be shares instantly with its inbuilt Wi-Fi and the location of each shot can be recorded. It records videos in full 1080p HD with stereo sound as well.

The Nikon coolpix AW110 is a must buy for the special kid, whether male or female this camera will make a good gift impression and you know how much kids loves having camera. So if you are looking for a perfect tech gift for that special kid, the Nikon coolpix AW110 should be your first choice.

Purchase at Amazon | $209

Xbox One | PlayStation 4

Tech Gift Ideas for Kids this Christmas 2013

What makes a better gift impression to kids than video games? This year has seen a good number of video games enter the market and the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are the dreams of any kid. Do you want that kid to love you for the rest of his life? Then buy him any of Xbox One or PlayStation 4 consoles this Christmas.

Kids love video games and these consoles are the best you can find anywhere, both have unique and great features but kids love them just the way they are. So if you are looking for the best tech gift for kids this Christmas 2013, a video game console of either Xbox One or PlayStation 4 will be your best options.

Xbox One Console Purchase at Amazon | $499

PlayStation 4 Purchase at Amazon | $699.99

Apple iPod nano:

Tech Gift Ideas for Kids this Christmas 2013

You know how much kids care about their music, Apple iPod nano with 16GB worth of memory will make a perfect tech gift for any kid this Christmas. Put 16GB worth of music box in a kids hand this Christmas and he/she will love you more than ever.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for kids this Christmas 2013, then I recommend you purchase the Apply iPod nano from Amazon because it will make an awesome gift impression to any kid.

Purchase at Amazon | $170

Kobo Arc

Tech Gift Ideas for Kids this Christmas 2013

Kobo Arc is a well-rounded tablet that offers a worthy alternative tablet experience just as any other tablet, you can watch films on it, play music, read e-books and install other apps just like you can do on other tablets.

Its design is great with a 7inches screen size and RAM of 1GB, it also has a max screen resolution of 1280 x 800 and equipped with Wi-Fi feature as well. This tablet will make a great gift impression especially to the female kids who want their own tablet for movies, music and games.

Purchase at Amazon | $186

SOUL by Ludacris SL150CB High-Definition On-Ear Headphone

Tech Gift Ideas for Kids this Christmas 2013

Last year it was Beats by Dre and in 2013 every kid wants SOUL by Ludacris SL150CB High-Definition On-Ear Headphones. This headphone has grown in popularity because of its awesome quality and beautiful music experience it brings. Reviewers have all posted positive reviews about this headphone. Every kid that loves music will definitely appreciate this headphone as a Christmas gift.

Purchase at Amazon | $81

I hope you find these tech gift ideas for kids this Christmas 2013 interesting. Any kid will be happy to have any of these as his/her Christmas gift. Make a good impression on that kid today by getting him/her any of these gifts.

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  1. Hi Nwosu,

    The ipod nano looks pretty cool. I’ll have to check that out. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Mavtrevor,
    Hey! Firstly Happy Christmas. Really cool tech gifts you have listed above. I was personally thinking to have one. I would be happy for nikon cam listed above. Thanks for pointing out some other useful gifts like apple ipod, play stations and the rest. Thanks again
    Have a great day.
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  3. Many cool gadgets my friend. Feel like I gotta buy one from your lists. I was mostly searching for Android phones but not found from your lists but I could find an ipod there.

    Thansk for your share Nwosu!

  4. Wonderful items listed! Well I think Xbox One – PlayStation 4 would be ultimate option for gifting as it would really make children happy. However I would also consider other gifts.

    Thanks for sharing.!

  5. Thanks for this, am going to get one for my younger brother, and he’s a die hard x box lover, thanks for this useful article Nwosu, i really love it.,

  6. The Nikon waterproof camera looks great – this will be a perfect gift for Christmas. Thanks for the review!

  7. Well, to be frank I personally think that children must not be made addicted to such gadgets as its a bit dangerous. But though the list is awesome. :)
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  8. Thanks buddy, I wish santa brings some gifts to me this christmas. :D
    Thank you for this list. It eased my task for buying.
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  9. Like the play station as listening music with this is an amazing experience so in my opinion it is one of the best gift for kids in new year

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