Tech Gift Ideas for Christmas for men 2013


Christmas is almost here again, just last year I published my first “Tech Gift Ideas for Christmas 2012” here. And now am here to do this again for 2013 because a lot has changed in the Tech world between these few months. What may seem cool last year may not be cool this year, so I have decided to come up with the Tech Gift Ideas for Christmas for Men 2013 today and will come up with that of women and kids in subsequent episodes.

Tech Gift Ideas for Christmas for men 2013

So if you are looking for the best Tech gifts to buy a man for Christmas 2013, look no further. Whether it is a gift for a father, husband, boyfriend, brother or just your best male friend, I will introduce you to the best gadgets that will make the best gift impressions this Christmas.

Nexus 5:

The Google Nexus 5 is this year’s favorite phone and the dream of every man. The Nexus 5 smartphone is an awesome piece of device and one of the best to enter the market this year. Its sleek design and specifications especially the fact that it runs on the latest Android 4.4 KitKat OS makes it the number one Tech gift idea for Christmas for men this 2013.

Tech Gift Ideas for Christmas for men 2013

For just $399 you could make a lot of impression with this gift. A lot of men will definitely love this gift for Christmas 2013.

Purchase at Amazon | $399

iPad Air

A lot of tablets made it to the market this 2013 but one stood out among the lot – iPad Air. iPad Air is indeed one of the favorite gadgets for men and it will definitely make a great gift idea for men this Christmas 2013.

Tech Gift Ideas for Christmas for men 2013

Same size as the iPad Mini but with great improvement and a great battery life, iPad Air deserves to be on this list and if you want to make a great impression with your gift this Christmas, then you must buy that man an iPad Air.

Purchase at Amazon | $526

Sony PlayStation 4

By now you must have known that PS4 is like this biggest thing about gaming this year and if your man loves video gaming then you should get him a PS4. We just can’t miss this one can we? PS4 will make a very great gift idea for men this Christmas.

Tech Gift Ideas for Christmas for men 2013

So if your man loves to hang out with his friends and play video games, be sure he will love the PS4 as a gift especially if he hasn’t got it yet.

Purchase at Amazon | $749


Chargecards is probably same size as a credit card but has become a very important and charging cable for smartphones, GPS devices, Tablets and nearly any other portable gadget. You know how men hates running out of battery juice on their mobile phones, this charger will make an excellent tech gift for men this Christmas and in fact it could be the cheapest Christmas gift you would ever buy for your man.

Tech Gift Ideas for Christmas for men 2013

Purchase at Amazon | $25

Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

Wearable Tech is the en thing this year and has made our list of Tech Gift Ideas for Christmas for men 2013 and the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch is definitely at the top of this choice of gift. Any man will definitely appreciate a Smartwatch that can let them place and answer calls directly from their Galaxy Gear and enjoy the S Voice personal assistant right from his wrist.

Tech Gift Ideas for Christmas for men 2013

Purchase at Amazon | $299

I hope you find these Tech gift ideas for Christmas for men 2013 interesting, watch out for subsequent episodes of this series for women and kids soon. Every man will find any of these gifts impressive. Do you know of other Tech gift ideas for Christmas for men 2013? Share with me using the comment form below, remember to subscribe to my blog while you are on it.

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  1. Hello Nwosu,

    This is a pretty cool list of gadgets and will be great to gift them on the occasion of Christmas. Thanks for sharing it bro. Keep the good work up :)

    ~Ganesh Narayan Gupta
    Ganesh Narayan Gupta recently posted..How to Remove Annoying Toolbar from Internet BrowsersMy Profile

  2. Nwosu this post is incomplete without Iphone5s?? I think that Iphone5s is the best gift which we can gift to our dear ones in this year Christmas.

  3. Hello Nwosu, really nice gift here for My tech savvy friends, they’re really love this gifts, thanks for this awesome post, however, if am to get any gift, i would prefer the Sony PlayStation 4..
    Isaiah Joe recently posted..Matt Cutts Lies: Google Pagerank Update For December 2013My Profile

  4. Hi Nwosu,

    You very wisely put together a list of high end gadgets for gifting to guys. And I agree with you. Guys love such stuff!

    Now I’m looking forward to the article sharing gift ideas for women and kids :)


  5. Hi Nwosu,

    So many tech items to add to my Christmas watch list. Excellent review as always; the Google Nexus looks particularly striking.

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. thank you nwosu for sharing these suggestions as i am planning to purchase a gift for my husband for his birthday in January 27. however, he will only reach home by april next year since he is currently overseas. this means i have more time to earn for his gift

  7. I would like to go with iPad Air :)
    This is amazing product and gives you feel like a technology star.

  8. You’ve brought an useful list of gifts for this new year.

    My would like to get “Play station 4″, ;), Great gadget….

    Thanks for this post.

  9. You’ve brought an useful list of gifts for this new year.

    I would like to get “Play station 4?, ;), Great gadget….

    Thanks for this post.

  10. The PS4 is a great gift in my opinion, when it comes to smart phones I would be a bit more careful as the phone should match the personality of the recipient.

  11. Hi,
    Really amazing i want to buy this.Great work in this blog. After buy i will gift to my girl friend every point in this blog clearly mention .
    Thanks for the useful sharing.

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