10 Creative Websites for Crowdsourcing Logo and Website design jobs

What is Crowdsourcing? Crowdsourcing is a term formed from the words ‘crowd’ and ‘outsourcing’.  Crowdsourcing can simply be said to be the process of getting work done (usually online) from a crowd of people. The idea is to take work and outsource it to a crowd of workers. The idea of … [Read more...]

Why do I rank higher on Bing than Google?

You may have noticed that most times your posts may rank higher on Bing than Google. I stumbled upon one of my posts that ranked very highly on Bing and Yahoo and decided to check if it is ranking that high on Google only to discover otherwise, so I decided to investigate more only to find out that … [Read more...]

Win a Free WordPress Theme from ThemeFuse

Anybody operating a blog on WordPress knows just how important a strong theme is for the success of the blog. There is not always a need for blog operators to be expert designers, too, but it is still important to have excellent design in order to attract and keep readers. That’s where ThemeFuse … [Read more...]

5 SERP Promotion Strategies that Google Cannot Resist

Google has maintained its position as the number one search engine, which has a little over 70% of all monthly searches. This means that in order to promote your website, you should consider optimizing it for Google. However, with so many algorithm changes and unexpected announcements, webmasters … [Read more...]

Exoclick | Join advertising network that pays weekly

Are you a webmaster struggling to earn money on the internet? Or maybe you do not have the patience to wait for Google adsense $100 payment threshold? Would you like to earn $$$$ and be paid every week? Would you like to join an advertising network that will pay you even if your site visitors do not … [Read more...]

Make your website faster with MaxCDN and discount coupon inside

I have always talked about the importance of having a fast loading website on this blog, Google’s algorithm has over 200 raking factors and site speed is definitely one of them. Even if you have the coolest website with a lot of quality and well optimized contents, you may still be struggling on the … [Read more...]

What are the best tools for speeding up a website?

Both search engines and humans dislike slow loading websites, apart from the fact that it wastes the visitor’s time, it also consumes a lot of resources on its hosting server. Google and other search engines have reiterated the importance of speeding up a website and improve the user experience. … [Read more...]

How to Get Free SSL certificate from Hostgator & Godaddy

An SSL Certificate helps you encrypt data transmitted through the internet. If you own an eCommerce store or any kind of site that requires login information or financial details to be transmitted over an unsecure connection like public access WiFi hotspots, then you need an SSL certificate to … [Read more...]

How Search Engines Work

Every day we talk about search engines and searches but most of us may not know exactly how search engines work, so today I have decided to shade some light on how search engines work because a good understanding of how search engines work will help us build better search engine optimized … [Read more...]

Why It’s Important to Access PixelKit’s Library of High-Quality UI Designer Kits

PixelKit.com has just changed the way that developers and designers can improve their workflow and create a better overall site design. Developers are constantly at struggle with finding creative UI kits, or developing their own to help improve their workflow, generate greater profits, and minimize … [Read more...]