Safety measures to follow before you upgrade your WordPress

wordpress upgrade

The Developers of Wordpress always release newer versions of the platform with improved functionalities and you will have to upgrade your Wordpress as well to be in per with the latest additions in Wordpress. Same goes with Plugin developers, newer versions of the Plugins are released always to … [Read more...]

How to upgrade from Windows 7 Starter to Windows 7 Ultimate

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Maybe you just purchased a new laptop only for it to come with a Microsoft Windows 7 Starter edition, which has quite some limitations which includes the absence of aero glass, you cannot change your desktop backgrounds, no windows colours or sound schemes, you cannot switch between users without … [Read more...]

Windows Vista to Windows 7 upgrade

Windows Vista to Windows 7 upgrade

Upgrading Windows Vista to Windows 7 is quite an easier process compared to upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7.  This is so because Vista users have a direct upgrade path to Windows 7 unlike Windows XP users.  This simply means that on completing your upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7, … [Read more...]