Display your PC screen on TV Wirelessly with AirTame Wireless HDMI

AirTame Wireless HDMI Dongle

Have you ever wished it was possible to extend your PC screen to your TV or projector without a HDMI cable? Have you ever wished you could duplicate or extend your computer screen to your TV, monitor or projectors wirelessly? Then meet AirTame wireless HDMI dongle. With AirTame wireless HDMI dongle … [Read more...]

Top ‘Data Recovery Tools’ for your Desktop

data recovery tools

I don’t know what you think, but the data on your computer is definitely not stored at the Svalbard Global Seed Vault. Almost every major operating system out there has a built-in backup solution. Data on your hard disk could be accidentally deleted or even worse, the disk could fail. Times like … [Read more...]

How I watch online TV with SopCast on my computer

watch online TV with sopcast

SopCast is a free and simple way to watch online TV. You can broadcast videos and audios with this application on the internet. Since I discovered SopCast, I have been enjoying quite a lot of online TV programs ranging from movies to documentaries and sports. SopCast is a free P2P streaming TV … [Read more...]