Tablet Gaming: The future of mobile Gaming?

More tablet owners will agree with me that they use their tablet devices to play games more than they use it for other things like surfing the web, emailing, socializing, listening to music or watching videos or even reading eBooks. There is no doubt more users are opting for tablets as their primary gaming device these days maybe because of its better display quality and its console-like gaming experience.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to state that since the arrival of tablet PCs in the market, there has been a shift in gaming to the tablets. More users now rely on tablets for their everyday gaming needs. The gap between tablet gaming and console gaming is fast shrinking, with the success of tablet gaming, a new market of gaming specific tablets are in the development process. Soon we will see gaming tablets with the capacity to run Unreal Engine games with extreme fast frame rates.

Some years ago, mobile games consisted of simple; one dimensional experience that didn’t include much depth and complexity, but the advancements in tablet technology has made gaming on mobile devices closer to a console-like experience. You won’t be surprised to see console developers like Electronics Arts shift their focus towards iPad’s and other tablets?

Tablet gaming is the future of gaming as the growth has been on the increase in recent years. This has threatened console manufacturers and they have joined the bandwagon. The Razer™ Edge Pro which is powered by Intel® Core™ processors and NVIDIA® GeForce™ graphics is dubbed the most powerful tablet in the world. The Razer™ Edge Pro tablet gaming device with dual NUNCHUK controls on either side challenges gaming PCs and consoles.

Tablet Gaming: The future of mobile Gaming?

Tablet Gaming: The future of mobile Gaming?

With  ever increasing popularity of the Tablets PCs, there is no doubt the future of mobile gaming lies on it, game makers who are smart enough to see this trend have already began investing in the future of tablet gaming.

The tablet gaming ecosystem is evolving in complexity as more users are becoming more sophisticated and wanting to have console-like experience of games as this is evident with more console developers getting involved with tablet gaming. Tablet technology is also improving and can meet the need for such complexity to be made possible in tablet gaming. We now have tablets with higher screen resolutions, more powerful hardware, fast processing speeds etc, and all these help in bringing the reality and demands of the tablet gaming industry closer.

The ultimate task of any tablet game maker is to deliver a console-like experience in their games, and every day the gap between console games and tablet games is bridged closer.

It won’t be fair enough to judge the potential of tablet gaming based on apps or the types of games released some years ago, tablet gaming has seen significant improvements in the last year as some of my favorite and additive games are now available on tablets. Developers may still be struggling with how to make it as good as console games, but judging by what I have seen in the past few months, gaming on tablets is coming very much on its own.

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    Well I am in contact of many gamers or game-freaks. Yes you have mentioned correctly that the tansition gap between console and tablet gaming is decreasing but still I think tablets won’t be able to cross over the console so fast. It will but it will take time.

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    Nwosu I see more people go tablet crazy each time I sit on a plane. During my 23 hours in total on planes to get to Nepal from NY I saw at least 4 or 5 people around me toying around with their tablets and most were gaming it. Definite move for now, and the future.

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    Everything is now taking a new dimension now with gaming also following suit as well. There is obviously no doubt that games on tablet is here to stay!

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