TabCloud: Save your window session in the cloud

TabCloud is a session managers that can allow you to save and restore your window session on another computer. Last time on “Google Chrome: how to synchronize open tabs in Google Chrome” i tried to explain how you can save your open tabs from one computer and open them in another computer but today i am showing you even an easier way of doing that.  TabCloud  allows you to save your current browsing session and open it in another computer. Imagine you have multiple tabs open in a browser  let’s say in computer A and it is suddenly running out of battery and you have another computer B, now you are faced with how to transfer your open tabs from Computer A to Computer B. TabCloud can help you achieve just that. TabCloud is a Firefox and Google Chrome extension that will allow you to save your current session and access it in another device. TabCloud also allows synchronization with Android devices using its Android apps.

Now one may be wondering why TabClouds when Google Chrome by default can sync apps, autofills, bookmarks, extensions, themes, preferences and even open tabs?  TabClouds is just an easier way of syncing your browser sessions. I have tried several methods and I am recommending that TabCloud is an easier way of syncing your browser sessions. It simply connects with your Google account and saves your session, all you need to do to access your saved session is to login with the same Google account from the previous computer. Now let’s see how this is done…

How to save your session with TabClouds:

1. The first step to making this possible will be to install the TabCloud extension on your browser.

Click here to Install TabCloud for Google Chrome

Click here to  Install TabCloud for Firefox

Click here to  Install TabCloud for Android

2. Click on the TabCloud icon on your browser to login using your Google Account.

3.  Then the TabCloud application will request for permission to access your Google Account, allow it by clicking allow. You will be confirmed logged in.

4.  To save a new session, click on the TabCloud icon and click “save to name”. You can as well give name to your session for easy recognition though by default it will be named with the date and time the session was created. I suggest you name you sessions though. Then click the floppy icon to save your session. The newly created session will be displayed in the session list.

5. To use a session you’ve already created either in same computer or another computer that you are logged on to TabCloud, click on the little green (+) sign and it will open all the websites you saved in that session in a window and to remove or delete a session you have created, click on the small red (-) sign, confirm the deletion by clicking on it again.

6.  You can also delete a website you don’t need anymore from a session by dragging the site’s icon to the trash can and it will be deleted from the group. You can even drag a website from one session to another. Adding a new website to an already created session is even the best part, simply drag its icon from the list of open websites to any session you want to.

So next time you are working on a computer you shouldn’t worry about how to transfer your open tabs to another computer. I hope you find this blog post useful. Tell me what you think about it with the comment box below. Feel free to share this post with your friends.  Remember to Subscribe to NetMediaBlog Feeds by Email.


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