SymMover: Move installed computer applications without breaking

SymMover: How I moved my installed computer applications from one hard drive to another without breaking it

Recently I was faced with a situation where I needed to transfer my installed computer applications from one hard drive to another because my computer was broken and I got a new one and didn’t want to transfer the old hard disk to the new computer because the new one has a higher capacity, now I was faced with how to transfer my installed computer applications from my old computer to the new one without breaking them.

Without being told I knew I had a serious situation on my hands, how am I going to transfer my installed applications to a new hard drive without breaking it? I have always known that sometimes when you install an application its files are shared in different locations, so I may never be able to copy the application without breaking it.

You may be running low on disk space and may need to transfer your installed computer applications from Drive C to Drive D without breaking the application so as not to render them useless especially those you do not have their installation CDs any longer. The best way you can carry out this task is by using a neat utility called SymMover.

SymMover is a Windows application that can move a folder from one disk to another without losing its connectedness using the concept of Symlinks. SymMover only works on Windows Vista and Windows 7 only for now.

How to use SymMover to transfer installed computer applications:

1. Download SymMover and install the application on your computer.

2, Run the program in admin privileges.

3. Specify the path on the new hard disk where we will like to transfer the folders or installed applications.

4. Next is adding the programs or installed applications you will want to transfer. Click on the blue plus button to add the applications.

5. After you have chosen all the applications you want to transfer, click on the green forward arrow button to start the transfer. It may take some time to transfer the files depending on its size.

After the transfer has been completed you will see the old folders in the explorer as shortcuts linking to the new destination. This is the Symlink method.

Though there are so many ways to save disk space on your Drive C like using CCleaner to wipe files you don’t need, sometimes it is not enough. SymMover is a better option to achieving this.

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