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After my last blog post on Spotify: How I listen to any song I want for free without downloading  I decided it will be a very nice piece to write about Spotify alternatives if any of you out there may have a reason not to like Spotify.  Spotify only allows six months of free listening, so if you Spotify subscription has ended, you may be looking for other Spotify alternatives and that is the essence of this blog post. Apart from Spotify there are also other  free music streaming services that offer similar services as Spotify and I am going to introduce quite a number of them to you today.

Spotify alternatives:  Are you addicted to music? There are many other ways to keep the music pumping apart from using Spotify. Streaming music online is fun and it could be more fun when you have alternatives that keeps the music playing.

  1. : is one of the best alternatives to spotify. has over 30million users worldwide. helps you discover musics, it can be installed on browsers, computers and also on mobiles.
  2. Deezer  :  Deezer is a free music streaming website with over 15million users worldwide and boast of over 13 million music tracks. Deezer application can be installed on computers and mobiles as well.
  3. Grooveshark  : Grooveshark is one of the best free alternatives to spotify, it is a free music streaming service that lets its users play any song online and even have the privilege of uploading their own songs from their hard drives.
  4. We7  :  We7 is a browser-based streaming service that allows its users to have access to unlimited playback of tracks.
  5. Rdio  : Play unlimited music online without ads. Rdio applications are compatible with both computers and mobile devices. Rdio boasts of over 12million music tracks.
  6. Songza  : Songza is yet another spotify alternative. Its services are free, you can create your own playlists. Just like other mentioned spotify alternatives Songza’s application is compatible with computers and most mobile devices.
  7. Mflow  : mflow is yet another spotify alternative. It offers free streams and also a platform to download tracks.
  8. Pandora : Pandora is probably the most popular spotify alternative outside all the above mentioned alternatives.

I know spotify will always remain the preferred choice of all of you, except you go premium one day you may have to consider the alternatives. I hope you love this post, if you have any contributions please use the comment box below . You should also Subscribe to NetMediaBlog Feeds by Email. Remember to share this post with your friends.


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