How to play every media formats on Windows media player

How to play every media formats on Windows media player

It is no more news that Microsoft Windows media player cannot play every media formats. It is common to occasionally come across media formats Windows media player cannot play. This is always a frustrating situation. Windows media player only supports the following media formats (.avi, .mov, … [Read more...]

Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7

Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7

Internet Explorer 10 is the latest version of Internet explorer browser. While some may say that Internet explorer 10 was specifically made for Windows 8, the preview of Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 recently released this November 2012 may have suggested otherwise. In an earlier post I … [Read more...]

How to sync your iPhone with winamp

sync your iPod Touch or iPhone with winamp

Winamp is one of my favorite media players for Windows as it is fast and supports multiple audio and video formats like mp3, aac, wav, ogg, midi ,avi,mpeg,asf etc. Its UI is so awesome with simple design and a lot more. So if you are an iPhone or iPhod owner but for some reasons you just do not like … [Read more...]

How to play video with different audio track on VLC

VLC media player

Just recently I downloaded a video from Youtube with a poor sound quality, I can barely hear what they were saying in the video, so I started searching the internet for an audio file of same video and luckily I got just the audio version. The first thing I checked was the play time and they were an … [Read more...]

Paltalk – Free Video Chat application

Paltalk – Free Video Chat application

Paltalk is a free video chat IM application that allows you to make free video chats with your friends from all parts of the world. Paltalk has the largest chat community on the web with over 4 million subscribers worldwide. Paltalk messenger has over 4000 free video chat rooms organized by a number … [Read more...]

Asus Reveals a Lineup of Windows 8 Systems

asus taichi ultrabook

Recently ASUS revealed its lineup of Windows 8 Ultrabooks and tablets. These new devices feature some interesting innovations. Let’s see what they have to offer the discerning techie: Taichi: This Ultrabook is definitely the pick of the lot. It has, believe it or not, not one but TWO screens! … [Read more...]

How to make videos with Camtasia Studio

How to make videos with Camtasia Studio

Have you always wanted to make a video for YouTube or any other video hosting site but don’t know where or how to start? Camtasia Studio is a software application that can help you make videos easily. With Camtasia Studio making videos for Youtube or any other video hosting site is quite easy and … [Read more...]

How to turn Mac into a WiFi hotspot without software

create wi-fi hotspot

With the increased use of wireless mobile devices, sharing internet connections have become very necessary too. Just recently I was in a condition where I had a Mac laptop with an internet connection and several of my friends who had their wireless mobile devices with them, we all needed to surf the … [Read more...]

RockMelt: The Social Web Browser – Netmediablog

RockMelt Social Web Browser

RockMelt is a social web browser built on Google’s Chromium browser framework with social media integration (You know Google Chrome is now the world’s favorite web browser and I am the biggest fan and an addicted user). Though just another social web browser after Flock browser, RockMelt has the … [Read more...]

How to share Pdproxy or Sandwich VPN and other VPNs with wireless devices

How to share your Pdproxy or Sandwich VPN with your wireless devices

Do you have wireless devices that you wished you could connect to the internet by sharing the internet connection on your laptop? Just recently I was wondering how to update my mobile phone firmware and I was faced with the challenge of sharing my laptop’s fast Pdproxy VPN internet connection with … [Read more...]

How to Password protect a folder in Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7


Do you want to password protect a folder in your computer? Maybe you share your computer with your family members or friends and you have some sensitive files you don’t want anyone else to see or have access to and definitely want to password protect it. The majority of Windows OS do not come with a … [Read more...]

Read PDF files in 3D Style with Soda PDF3D Reader

Soda PDF 3D Reader

So many people find it difficult reading PDF files maybe because of its layouts where you will have to scroll and scroll but with Soda PDF 3D reader, you will experience a total new way of reading your PDF files. Soda PDF 3D reader is an easy-to-use reader application that allows you to read PDF … [Read more...]

Software That Enhance your Laptop Performance

Software That Enhance your Laptop Performance

Our modern lifestyle and pressures surrounding us have made us dependant on machines like never before! We now spend major time with technological gadgets than with our friends and family. And, when the gadget goes down, we get furious over it, failing to remember that it is just a machine that can … [Read more...]

Top Antivirus Programs 2012 – Netmediablog

Top Antivirus Programs for 2012

With the increase computer and internet usage worldwide today there has been a great increase in virus and malicious threats on the internet as well; antivirus companies are under pressure to produce the best antivirus always. Everyday new viruses are created and released to the internet and for … [Read more...]

Scan and remove duplicate files from your PC using duplicate cleaner

duplicate cleaner application

Duplicate cleaner is software that can scan and remove duplicate files from your computer. Long use of a computer could lead to some files being duplicated even without your knowledge. Disk spaces get used up by duplicate files. Today I want to show you how you can scan and remove duplicate files … [Read more...]