How Bitcoin is gradually changing the world’s financial system


We've talked about Bitcoin before, outlining the benefits that the cryptocurrency has when compared to the traditional currencies that we're used to. Leaving aside the fact that it provides a transparent network where transactions can be carried out, the currency also provides people from all around … [Read more...]

Which Is the Best Smartwatch for Business?


Smart watches are becoming increasingly popular, mainly because they are now more functional and looks better in general. Newer products, including the upcoming Apple Watch and the recently introduced LG G  R Watch Urbane, are showing not only great design improvement, but also a long list of new … [Read more...]

Get more user response and increase your sales with social media

Social Media

Today, as the era of the Internet has taken over the world; more and more businesses from the United States, but also from other countries have decided to share their services on the web. However, the large number of businesses which advertise their offers on the Internet can make it quite hard for … [Read more...]

Top 5 Time Tracking Software That Will Make Your Business Effective

Time Tracking software

Time is the most important part of any project in a business. It is necessary to track the actual hours of work done. Time tracking software is quite effective to manage projects in an honest way for freelancers and clients. For programmers and coders, spying on time is a vital option for billing … [Read more...]

Monitor Backlink Alternatives – Which do you prefer?

Monitor Backlink Alternatives - Which do you prefer?

Backlink is the most importance piece of SEO and one of the few factors that has a direct effect on the performance of a website on search engines. A good backlink profile can make a great difference in the search engine performance of a site and a bad backlink profile can kill your hard … [Read more...]

Password Managers – How do I choose?

Password Managers – How do I choose?

Password Managers are programs that store your passwords and other login information in an encrypted database. We often tend to use easy to remember passwords or even same passwords in all the sites we belong to, and this is an unsafe practice because once one of your online accounts have been … [Read more...]

Netmediablog May 2014 Post RoundUp

Netmediablog May 2014 Post RoundUp

Here in Netmediablog I welcome you to the new month of June 2014, last month was an awesome month here and I published quite a good number of awesome articles and also got lots of great responses from you guys. Today I want to do a roundup of all the posts I published in May 2014 in case you … [Read more...]

Top 5 Free Online Video Editing Tools

Top 5 Free Online Video Editing Tools

Anyone with a smartphone these days is a potential filmmaker. The evolution of smartphones in the last decade has brought about a lot of other changes. Making videos these days takes nothing more than the camera on your smartphone and tons of video editing tools you can find online. Today I want to … [Read more...]

How to change resume capability from NO to YES in IDM

How to change resume capability from NO to YES in IDM

Today I want to discuss with you how you can change the resume capability of a download from NO to YES in IDM. When the resume capability of a download is at NO, it means that the file cannot resume download in case of failure and when it is YES you can resume the downloads anytime even if there are … [Read more...]

Top Cloud Operating Systems you should know

Cloud Operating Systems

Cloud operating systems are cloud based operating systems designed to operate with cloud computing and virtualization environment and accessed as a service rather than a standalone software. Cloud operating system (Cloud OS) is often times referred to as virtual operating system or Web OS because it … [Read more...]

What’s New in Firefox 29?

Firefox 29 Beta

Though the final version of the Firefox 29 is expected to be available for the public sometimes in April 2014, the Firefox 29 Beta version is available now. The new Firefox 29 is based on Gecko 29 and it’s available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. The Firefox 29 is powered by Firefox account … [Read more...]