Software That Enhance your Laptop Performance

Our modern lifestyle and pressures surrounding us have made us dependant on machines like never before! We now spend major time with technological gadgets than with our friends and family. And, when the gadget goes down, we get furious over it, failing to remember that it is just a machine that can handle only a specified amount of heat. So, if you have faced similar issues with your laptops and looking out for some software that can help in ease of maintenance or enhance your system, check out the lists below:

Software That Enhance your Laptop Performance

Software/Tools to Manage Battery:

Batteries – the amazing feature of a laptop that tends to drain off only at the time when needed the most. Here are some software that can actually help you in managing the battery life of your laptops.

1. Battcursor:
This clever tool can display the level of your laptop’s battery on your mouse cursor. Also, this tool can change the colors of your window borders just to indicate the level of charge remaining on your laptop. As a good manager, this tool allows you to choose whether to on/off Aero effect and offers several power saving technique.

2. BatteryCare:

This is perhaps one of the complete battery managing software available. This software shows up information about your laptop’s battery including the completed amount of battery discharges. Every time the battery completes 30 discharges, the tool asks you to calibrate. It also includes features that other battery managing apps boast of.

Registry Cleaners:

These are specifically created applications for Windows based operating systems that are used to remove unwanted entries from the Windows registry. These registry cleaners are generally used to speed up a lagging system. Here are some of the software that you can choose to use:

1. CCleaner:

CCleaner is one of the best free registry cleaning third party applications for your laptop. It’s simple to operate and also allows you to make a backup of the registry before you make some changes to it.

2. Wise Registry Cleaner:

This cool software from ZhiQing comes in a full as well as in a portable version that doesn’t need an installation. It works on any operating system and even supports the 64 bit OS. One of the interesting features of Wise Cleaner is its ability to scan faster and distinguish normal issues from those that require special attention.

Tools for Synchronization:

Most of us own a desktop apart from the laptop that we usually use. Thus, maintaining two systems means double the work. We often have to synchronize files from either of the machines to the other. When we fail, either we miss out the old files or we end up in working with the file that was never updated. So, check out these software for synchronizations that can be actually helpful:

1. Sugar Sync:

This free software does more job than you actually think. It’s simple User Interface allows you to easily create backup of your files and also offers up to 2 GB of space for online backups. Also, this program occupies very little RAM space and is cross-platform.

2. Syncplicity:
A paid software that allows you to create backups of your specified files. The files you chose will then be stored over its Cloud systems so that it can be easily retrieved. For free, you get a space of up to 2 GB and on a payment of around $10 p.m., you can get up to 50 GB of online storage space.

These were some of the essential software that are required at any time, but these are also the ones which many of fail to utilize the most. And, if you have any software to specify that can enhance laptop’s performance, you can share them over the comments below.

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