Sites you should join to improve your blog

The way people engage on your site is a measure of the quality of content you have on your site and traffic you attract. People will naturally respond to contents they find useful and resourceful, comment on ones they enjoyed and even go as far as sharing such contents on the social networks. A site with good engagement can lower bounce rate and thus improve such site’s search engine ranking.

A lot of people have written on tips to improve your site but I want to take another route because often times we forget to implement such tips and even when we do we do not exactly see how things changed. But my approach to improving your site will surely work because if you look at my site you will see that the engagement is encouraging and a new visitor won’t feel like he just arrived at a desert land.

So today I am going to share quite a good number of sites you should join to improve your blog. Some of these sites will improve commenting on your site; improve your blog subscription, while some others will improve social media shares etc. I recommend you join as much sites as you find useful, engage actively on them and in no time you will improve your site.


If you are looking to improve the visibility of your site or commenting on your blog, then you must join Kingged. Kingged is a social networking/bookmarking site where users can share their contents, discover contents of interest, comment on them and vote for them to gain more popularity and thus visibility.

Engage actively on Kingged, vote/share others posts and leave worthy comments on such posts, gain popularity and then share your best contents to be discovered by others and be sure they will also vote for your own posts and comment on them as well. You really need to join this site if you want to improve your blog.

Empire Avenue:

This is one of the sizes I discovered that can greatly improve engagements on any site. Empire Avenue let’s you perform actions like social shares, blog subscriptions and blog commenting etc called missions on other sites and in return you earn tokens you can use to list your own missions for others to complete. This is a great site and one you must join if you want to improve engagements on your blog. Join Empire Avenue.


Triberr is a community where talented Bloggers and Influencers come together to read and share great content. Triberr is also referred to as a “Blog Amplification Platform”, the basic principle of Triberr is that each member shares their latest blog posts, and other members amplify the blog by sharing each other’s posts to Twitter, as well as Facebook and LinkedIn.

You can join Tribes based on topics and categories of your interest, so that each blogger can share and read blogs from other similar bloggers. I’ve been a member of Triberr personally for a while now, and can attest to the enormous impact it’s had on my site’s traffic.

What a way to promote and improve your blog, get influencers in your niche to share and comment on your posts and see the effect it will have on your site.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ & Pinterest:

Sites you should join to improve your blog

I simply had to group them all together so I won’t repeat same thing for them all, but if you are a blogger and you have not joined these sites then you may have been doing your blog a lot of harm than good. Join these social media sites, share your posts on them, engage actively on them and see how it will improve your site.

More engagement of social media equals more amounts of increased traffic back to your website. Social media has become a major player in the blogging league and you cannot ignore it, join Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest now, engage actively on them, build your follower-base  and share your posts on them to improve your site.


Quora is a question-and-answer website where questions are created, answered, edited and organized by its community of users. Join Quora and use it to improve your site, ask questions and cite your blog as reference.

Yahoo Answers:

Just like Quora above, you can use Yahoo Answers to improve your site by answering questions and citing your article or blog as reference.

JustRetweet, EasyRetweet & TweetLow:

JustRetweet, EasyRetweet or TweetLow are online platforms where many like-minded bloggers share and retweet each other’s posts. Retweeting each other’s post will boast your site traffic and also improve the social awareness of your site. Join these sites and improve your blog.

BizSugar, Blogengage, Blokube, DoSplash, Klinkk:

If you are looking to improve your blog and gain more visibility then you must join these sites. These Pligg sites allows users to vote for contents and when such contents gets a certain number of votes they become popular and make the first page of the site sand enjoy a lot of exposure and traffic.

I recommend you to join the following Pligg sites BizSugar, Blogengage, Blokube, DoSplash, Klinkk because I use them and they have really improved my blog.

StumbleUpon, Reddit, Delicious, Digg, Inbound:

If you are looking to improve your blog traffic then you must join these sites, stumble your way through StumbleUpon and share your best articles on these social media sites. Your article could simply go viral on these sites and you will attract an unimaginable traffic from it. So I recommend you join these sites.


Join forums related to your niche and be active, contribute usefully and use your site address as your signature, cite your articles once in a while, don’t overdo it so as not to be banned.

DocShare, SlideShare, Scribd, Issuu, DocStoc etc:

Another way you can improve your blog is by joining document sharing sites like SlideShare, Scribd, Issuu, and DocStoc. Convert your articles into PDF files or PowerPoint presentations and upload on these sites. Ensure to inter-link your articles so people who found the documents you shared can also follow the links back to your site.,, Spotify, Pealtrees, Kurator etc:

Content Curation is a great way of improving a site. Discover and share the best contents alongside your own and drive tons of traffic to your site while you also gain quality backlinks back to your site. I personally use,, Spotify, Pealtrees and Kurator.

Joining these sites and engaging actively on them can greatly improve your site and from my experience over the years I have discovered this and decided to share them with you today. Choose the ones if not all that best suits your niche and type of blog and join, remember to read and abide by their rules so you don’t get banned.

Have I Missed Anything?

What other sites can bloggers join to improve their blogs? Are you a member of some of these sites? How has it improved your blog? Which works best for you and why? Share your experience or expectations with me via the comments; remember to subscribe to my blog while you are on it.


  1. says

    Like i said on the shared post on Kingged, i just saw this in the airport. Am on my way back from a weekend trip. I will read and comment comprehensively later.

    Meanwhile a quick thanks to you is in order for writing this and for including Kingged on top of your list. We are really honoured!

  2. says

    Thank you for sharing a comprehensive lists of how to promote our blog, you know am already using a couple of those and am doing extremely well already!
    Thank you and i will take a look at the others.

  3. says

    Hello Nwosu,
    Yes, indeed I have used Just Retweet and to be precise its very effective tool to drive a massive level of traffic towards your blog.

  4. says

    Thats a very nice list. I am active on almost all sites but can you please me how to get an account on Blokube. I have registered but never got any welcome mail from them. Is it invite only network?

  5. says

    I have read the article in it’s entirety now and can reply in more details, :) .

    It’s indeed very well written. And thanks again, for not just including, but having us at the top of your list. Obviously you have enjoyed the traffic and engagement we sent your way from having your posts shared there these past weeks.

    Other bloggers have also been expressing how grateful they are for having Kingged among their top traffic referrers. That’s awesome, but still nothing compared to how much more traffic and engagement we will help bloggers with, in the coming weeks and months.

    About Kingged, we are not “another” social bookmarking site. Yes, social bookmarking is one of the 4 major aspects of Kingged, but we are tightly focused and our major goal is to be the among the top social networking sites that REALLY help get massive traffic and engagement to bloggers, Internet marketers, inbound marketers, content marketers, affiliate marketers, SEOers or whatever title those in our community which to be known as, :)

    We are about to kick off our GRAND plan of getting EXTRA hundreds or even many thousands of readers to read the truly “Content Is KING” type of posts that appear on the frontpage of Kingged.

    With this GRAND plan of ours, all you need to do is write a relevant Internet marketing, affiliate marketing, blogging, SEO or similar type post that truly deserves the “Content is KING” saying, then share it on Kingged, and do just a little promotion to get some “kings” (upvotes) and for it to get it to the frontpage of Kingged. Once it gets to the frontpage, we do a lot more, on your behalf, to get hundreds or even many thousands of people to read it and visit your blog, to further engage with you and/or even buy whatever you are selling.

    And yes, all this will be completely free to take advantage of, at least for now, even though we will be spending good money, daily, on your behalf, to make that happen. More about all that coming to Kingged soon, :)

    About the other sites you have mentioned, I absolutely agree with you. I don’t advise anyone to use just ONE, and not the others. The more, the better. Like I have always said – we actually need MORE awesome tightly focused social networking and/or blogging communities that bloggers can share their posts on, and for these sites to REALLY do more to help get these posts out there.

    In fact, the tightly focused social networking and/or blogging communities are not enough, for the hundreds or even thousands of awesome Internet marketing, affiliate marketing, blogging, SEO, etc type of posts that get published almost daily. I hate it when I see such truly awesome KINGLIKE posts that get published but don’t get any traffic, comment nor engagement. That is truly sad and shouldn’t be happening!

    So, the more tightly focused social networking and/or blogging communities like,,, etc, that bloggers use, the better. And these tightly focused social networking and/or blogging communities should actually do much more than just allow posts to be shared on our sites. They should all actively help with promoting the posts shared on their sites!

    Anyway, thanks again, Nwosu, for not only writing this awesome KINGLIKE post that will truly help bloggers get more traffic and engagement to their blog posts, but for also listing on top of the list. Again, very much appreciated. Feel free to let us know if you have any problems with using our site or have thoughts for improvement.

  6. says

    Hi Nwosu,

    A very useful post! Sites like empire avenue is new to me! I hope that they’ll come handy in my quest to boost blog engagement and traffic.

    About Quora and Yahoo answers, bloggers should be careful. Because, they are aggressive, when it comes to spam filtering. So, bloggers must be careful while promoting blogs there, as there is a chance of getting marked as spam by the moderators of the sites.

    And too much of this can even lead to a ban. Just sharing my experience though :)

    Thanks Nwosu, for this informative post :)


  7. says

    Hi Nwosu,

    You created a great list of website to ensure higher engagement and traffic to your blog. Though I feel instead of joining all of them altogether, one should join few sites first and review the results. If you find few sites are not performing well then you can stop working there and add other remaining websites to see their effects on your blog.

  8. says

    Thank you Kingsley for that comprehensive contribution, you have given a better insight into what is all about and i hope my readers will see more reasons to join and improve their site engagement and traffic while building more relationship with other bloggers.

  9. says

    Yes i also said so in the article, if you want to get the best out of these sites you must engage actively on it first and with time you will earn your trust and authority and can benefit from it. Thanks for your awesome contribution Arun.

  10. says

    Hi Desmond,
    What an interesting share you have made in this post. A lot of these sites mentioned helps to improve valuable engagement among readers and members. They are sites that, not only improve visibility for blogs, but also trust.

    One way to get the best of any of these websites is to be “actively” engaged. This point, as have been highlighted under the “kingged”, should be applicable to other websites as well.

    I have nothing to add but would bookmark and share the details to others :)

    I found this post in – the content syndication and social bookmarking website for Internet marketers. The above comment was left there as well.

    Sunday – contributor

  11. says

    Hi Mavtrevor,
    very useful list.
    I am member of most of the sites you mentioned and I think, if used the right way,
    they can bring huge benefits to the bloggers in terms of traffic, SEO and connections.

    Thanks for mentioning Klinkk, really appreciated! :-)

  12. says


    Nice writeup mate, Well to be honest I never joined any of the sites but read lot of reviews of them. I’m gonna join triberr now. Hope to get some outcome from it.


  13. says

    You are welcome, Nwosu.

    I hope you enjoy good traffic from having this post shared on our platform. And please, keep the KINGLIKE content coming!

  14. says

    I like your list Nwosu! Great to see Blog Engage and Triberr here. They are my two favorites but you should check out Viral Content Buzz and Social Buzz Club. Both are stellar!

  15. says

    Hi Nwosu Mavtrevor, these are great websites and i surely think that these will really help in promoting my blog. I have used some websites like bizsugar, and i will use these websites. Hope to see some gain in traffic. Thanks :)

  16. says

    Nice list, I like to use Stumbleupon, Reddit and BlogEngage. These are really awesome place to post articles and to find worthy articles.

  17. says

    Seems like this post caught everybodies attention just like me. :) Great!

    Anyway, in my point of view, is a place for marketers/bloggers. A community that encourages, inspire, and motivate their fellow members. That is what I like the most here in Kingged. If I were you, you must join the community and great things awaits you. :)

    This comment was left in where this post was already “kingged” and shared for Internet marketers.

  18. says

    Just a quick comment to say that there seems to be a glitch with the “Older comments” link. It’s not opening when you click on it. Please check it out.


  19. says

    That’s a very useful post.To improve your blog you need to have links with good websites.You have covered the topic is very new for me and i came to know about it very recently….I am planing to join it….

  20. says

    This is a great list, very useful and informative. But I think to get the best out of this list, it will best to chose a few and stick to them. Work on them well enough to get the best out of them instead of trying to run all together.
    Thanks for sharing.

  21. says

    Hey Nwosu, I just came back and checked but still can’t open the “older comments” link for this post. It’s still not opening when you click on it, :(

  22. says

    Great post and good to see some name I’m not familiar with like Kingged. However, I was hoping for a more filtered view. If you are active on absolutely all the sites you mention, then goodbye sleep. I thought common wisdom is now to focus your efforts -I don’t mean one or two, but perhaps not all the sites mentioned. That said, perhaps I misinterpreted the purpose of the post. Great to find your site.

  23. says

    I never heard of half of these services. I am always looking for more ways to drive traffic to my blog and will have to check a few of these out.

  24. says

    thank you for posting such a useful information to improve blog ranking and have given clearly how to improve traffic to our site by commenting on other sites, social book markings and social networking sites .those are the best things every blogger must follow to improve their blog ranking.

  25. says

    I have been using few of these sites like stumbleupon, reddit, FB and Twitter but most of them were not known to me. I must checkout all those website and let’s hope they help me to grow my sites.

    Thankyou so much for sparing sometime to write such a great article. I know how much efforts it take for collecting all these resources and jot down.


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