Why you shouldn’t buy Social Media Followers & Fans

The power of social media cannot be over-emphasized. Social media has revolutionized the way we do business and the way we share information. It is common to see people share contents they find interesting with their folks on the different social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest etc.

The bigger your social media audience, the wider your outreach. While it is important to have a large social media followers and fans, it is also important they engage properly with your shared contents.  In fact it is of no use to have a large social media audience that will not engage with your posts when you share them.

There are a lot of gigs on Fiverr promising to give you thousands of followers and other sites out there offering to instantly increase your number of social media followers and fans. While this may be quite tempting to buy and increase your number of social media followers and fans, I will advise you in this article not to. Here are my reasons for telling you not to buy social media followers and fans;

Why you shouldn’t buy Social Media Followers & Fans

1. Low Engagement: When you buy social media followers and fans that do not have interest in your niche or topics, they won’t engage on your contents because they don’t have any interest. People only engage on posts based on their interests on such topics, how do you expect someone who has no interest in technology to click and open your posts when you only share technological posts?

This is the very first reason why you shouldn’t buy social media followers and fans because there is no how to determine the interests of such audience, and when it is not same as your niche it won’t convert much.

2. Fake Profiles: When you buy social media followers and fans you may actually be buying fake accounts or simply bots. Such accounts are usually inactive accounts created by bots or other automation methods.

What will be your gain when you buy thousands of inactive profiles that will never see your shared posts, or even engage on them at all? And from time to time sites like Twitter and Facebook have been deactivating such fake accounts. Your fake social media audience number will begin to reduce till you finally have nothing when such accounts have all been discovered and deactivated.

3. You risk being banned: You will also be risking your social media account when you buy a large number of followers or fans. When a huge number of followers and fans follow your account over a short period of time, it may raise a red flag on such account and you could get banned for such.

4. Damage Brand Credibility: If anyone looks very hard into the huge number of your social media followers and fans, comparing them to your engagement such person may most likely spot the fake profiles and this could damage your professional and brand credibility.

When you buy social media followers and fans, such accounts are usually fake accounts with biographies that make no sense and account inactivity and most times don’t have its own followers. When you damage your online reputation by buying fake social media followers and fans, it could hurt your brand so much because if someone who wants to buy your products or do any sort of business with you finds out you could engage on such acts, it may scare them off. Your online credibility is all the credibility you need online to convince people to do business with you and when you damage it, you will surely suffer its consequences.

5. Relevance & Interest: it’s totally of no use buying thousands of followers and fans that don’t have interest in what you share. The audience will totally be irrelevant and cannot engage with your contents or do business with you. Buying fake social media followers and fans cannot improve or grow your business in any way.

6. Waste of Money: Another reason why you shouldn’t buy social media followers and fans is that such fake accounts cannot improve your business, engage on your shared contents, or even have interest in what you have to say and it’s a total waste of money.

In fact such money will be put in better use if you run a Facebook ads or Promoted Tweets targeted to people with interest in what you offer. I agree that it may cost more than buying a cheap Fiverr gig, but you will most likely get targeted followers and fans that will engage on your contents and improve your business.

Then How Do I Grow my Social Media Followers & Fans?

You should focus on organically building your social media followers and fans with people who are truly interested in your content. When someone naturally follows your social media account because he has interest in what you have to say, such a fellow will most likely engage on your content and can even do business with you.

Simply get active and share useful content on your social media page and profiles, try connecting with influencers in your niche and you will get noticed and people will naturally follow you. Remember that analyzing and understanding your audience interests can help you make a social sharing strategy that will convert more.


  1. says

    I’ve researched a few services that do these types of things. I haven’t found one yet but if a site could offer real following serve that’s targeted to users interested in what you do, there will be value. It’s funny they should use a dating software script to match potential followers based on interests haha…

  2. says

    I agree with your every point and I think the most annoying thing about this is that most of them are fake and it will seriously can harm the brand.Thanks for writing about such common thing which we ignore all the time.

  3. says

    That is a great idea, customizing such script to sort followers according to their interests. Maybe someone can work on such someday. Thanks for leaving a comment Brian.

  4. says

    Hi Nwosu,

    The prospect of buying social media followers hasn’t interested me. On Fiverr, where I used to do gigs, I often used to see folks promising ‘genuine likes’ and ‘followers’ for an amount delivered, in a short period of time. But I’ve always kept myself away from such promises.

    And this article of yours has just made my stance even stronger! Fake profiles is the main worry. It is often accompanied by ‘low engagement’. How come one expect engagement, when most of the followers are fake? :)

    A high number of likes, but low engagement will definitely have an impact on the brand’s credibility, if you ask me. At the end of the day, like you said, it is just waste of our hard earned money!

    Good work Nwosu. Hope that this article will help others take good decisions :)


  5. says

    For any brand or business to maintain its credibility it should avoid any act that games the system. One of such acts is buying social media followers. That sounds awful and deceptive if you ask me!

    I agree with the reasons discussed here, and I am sure there is no benefits applying such tactics whatsoever.

    I left this comment in kingged.com where this post shared, bookmarked, and syndicated for Internet marketers.

    Sunday – kingged.com contributor


  6. says

    Thanks Sunday for your awesome contribution to the discussion and yes it won’t say good about any brand that engages in such act as it will also have a negative effect to their campaigns as no one will engage on their posts as the accounts are mostly fakes.

  7. says

    Hi Nwosu,

    I totally agree with you. Buying social media followers will only get you in trouble. Most if not all of the followers will be fake and will even decrease your engagement. It’s important to get followers generally or on interest base like on social exchange.

    If you have money to spend then it’s better to organize a giveaway where people need to like your page or follow you as an entry.

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