Send SMS from Computer with MightyText

MightyText is an app that allows you to send text messages from your computer sync’d with your Android phone and number. With Mightytext you can send SMS from Computer or tablet, receive instant notifications on your computer, and see who is calling you from your computer. If you leave your phone at home with MightyText you can still stay in touch with friends and family from your computer.

How to use MightyText to send SMS from computer:

Download and install MightyText on your Android phone.

Launch the just installed app and select which Google Account you want to use, normally Gmail is enough, grant access to this app.

Downoad the Chrome or Firefox extension for MightyText and install on your browser. For tablet browsers, go to this URL

Now you can be able to receive and send SMS from computer or tablet using your sync’d Android phone and number.  You will also receive SMS notifications on computer immediately an SMS enters your phone and missed call alerts as well. There is also a free SMS backup tool for this app. I find this app very important especially for a power SMS user. Handling my SMS while i work on my computer just got easier.

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    thx Nwosu Mavtrevor for sharing this app. can i sync my contacts with this app…. Also tell me that can i usse this app for bulk sms marketing? how many sms this app can send in a minute?

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    This application serves as an extension to your phone on PC, sometimes you may not be close to your phone, Mightytext gives you that extension to send and recieve SMS via a PC

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