Scan and remove duplicate files from your PC using duplicate cleaner

Duplicate cleaner is software that can scan and remove duplicate files from your computer. Long use of a computer could lead to some files being duplicated even without your knowledge. Disk spaces get used up by duplicate files. Today I want to show you how you can scan and remove duplicate files from your computer and free up disk space with a “Duplicate Cleaner”. With duplicate cleaner, you can scan specific or all directories on your computer for duplicate files and remove them thus freeing up disk space.

If you are running low on disk space or you simply want to make sure you are not unnecessarily hosting duplicate files on your computer, simply follow the instruction listed below to scan and remove every duplicate file from your computer and free up disk space. This will also enhance your computers performance.

How to scan and remove duplicate files from your PC with a duplicate cleaner:

My leading duplicate cleaner software application is the one from Digitalvolcano. Visit Digital Volcano and download Duplicate Cleaner. If you have some money to spend ($29.95 ) you can purchase the “Duplicate Cleaner Pro” else download the “Duplicate Cleaner Free” it still works wonders.

On successful completion of download, run and install the duplicate cleaner application on your computer and launch it on successful installation.

Click on the “Scan Location” tab and choose the directories you want to scan for duplicate files and click on the forward arrow button highlighted on the image below to include and when you are done choosing the directories you want, you then click the “Scan Now” at the top to get the scanning started.

On completion of the scan, duplicate files will be listed as illustrated on the image below, tick the ones you will want to delete and click on the “File Removal” button highlighted on the image to get rid of the duplicate files from your computer.

I will recommend this practice for every computer user from time to time as this will always help your computer stay clean and fast. Do you know of other duplicate cleaner applications? Have you used anyone before? Use the comment box below to share your experience with it.

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  1. yunda says

    Thanks for sharing!! Duplicate Filter is a wonderful duplicate file finder which is worth mentioning. It can instantly scan and remove duplicate files and folders from your pc. It is definitely worth a try and it doesnt hurt when you can try their free version too. They provide outstanding support!!

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