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So many times you may have had things to download from the internet but just don’t know how to go about it, it could be audio, video or any other types of files from file sharing sites, video hosting sites or even social networks. Today I want to introduce you to a service I have been using to easily download anything from the internet.

With this service you can download videos from video hosting sites like Youtube, metacafe, dailymotion, vimeo, yandex, facebook etc and files from file sharing or hosting sites like rapidshare, filefactory and sendspace easily. Now let me show you just how to use to download videos, audios and any other type of files from the internet.

How to use to download from the internet.

Method 1:

Visit the site you want to download from and navigate to the page containing the file you want to download. Then copy the url and visit and paste the copied url into the url field and click the download button.

Method 2:

You can use short domain names to download from the internet, simply add ss before the domain name you want to download from like, etc.

Method 3:

Add or before the url you want to download from. Example is and press enter to download.

How to download with

You can use to download Youtube videos and videos from other video hosting sites on your mobile phone in several formats. Using the first method above, you can copy the video url and paste it on and click download to download the video. will allow you download directly from any web page, and you do not have to wait before you can download any file from file-hosting sites like rapidshare.

Now I hope you can easily download anything from the internet easily using this service. Let me know what you think of this service. Have you used before? What was your experience? Share with me using the comment form below. Remember to share this post with your friends. Subscribe to my RSS using the subscription box below.


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