How to Root Nokia X, X+ & XL with Framaroot

Not a week after Nokia X, X+ and XL was announced as the company’s first Android smartphone, the devices have been rooted. Intrepid developer Kashamalaga of the XDA Forum has gain root access to the Nokia Android devices using the Framaroot so you can install apps from the Google Play Store on the device.

Nokia in a bid to protect their brand customized their Android framework and got rid of all the Google part of it making it impossible to install apps from the Google Store on the device. There is only a Nokia Store to install apps to the device but the limited number of apps on the Nokia Store has lead to the quest to find a way to install apps from the Google Play Store.

So for those who has acquired the Nokia X, X+ or XL smartphone and want to gain root access to their device and be able to use Custom ROMs or install apps from the Google Play Store there is a good news for you. Now you can root Nokia X, X+ & XL using a One-Click Root method – Framaroot.

How to root Nokia X with Framaroot

What you’ll need to root Nokia X:


GApps package

How to Root Nokia X, X+ & XL:

Download the Framaroot.apk file from the link above and transfer the app to your Nokia X, or Nokia X+ & Nokia XL smartphone.

Enable the “Unknown Sources” from your device settings

Open a file explorer and browse the directories for the Framaroot.apk file and install it on your device.

Launch the Framaroot app and tap “Install SuperSU” and Reboot your device.

How to Install GApps on Nokia X, X+ & XL:

Download the GApps package from the link above and transfer the apk file to your device just as you did with the Framaroot.apk file above.

Download and install either of Root Explorer App or File Explorer free app on your device.

Extract the GApps to the /System/App directory and change the file permissions as shown below.

Install apps from Play Store on Nokia X

Reboot your Nokia X, X+ or XL device and browse the directory where you saved the GApps file and install them.

You can then open the Google Play Store and add your Google Account and sign in or create a new Google account if you don’t already have one.

Now you can launch the Google Play Store and install any app from the Play Store.


  1. says

    Firstly, I am just trying to put one on one together to determine why Nokia would even think of boycotting the Google Play Store.

    Protecting its Nokia store, yes, but its a bad marketing decision seeing that Google and developers of android embrace the Play Store.

    Well, its good having a knowledge of how the root the new Nokia android phones. The tutorial is simple and clear. Just about anyone can apply the steps!
    I found this post in – the content syndication and social bookmarking website for Internet marketers. Hence, I also left the above comment.

    Sunday – contributor

  2. says

    With the limited number of Android apps on the Nokia Store anyone with the Nokia Android smartphones will definitely want to root it to be able to use the Google services on it. Thanks for your awesome contribution.

  3. says

    Thanks for this article post, but am not sure if this method has been practically used on any of thise Nokia device. During the annoucement of these Nokia Android release @ MWC in barcelone, it was said that only Nokia X will able for sale now. Nokia X+ & XL will be available for sales later

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