How to receive Android notifications on PC

Sometimes our Android phones could be a distraction especially when you are working on PC, reaching out to view notifications on your Android phone could be a thing of the past when you are working on PC as you can now receive Android notifications on PC.

While Google is yet to release an official solution to allow us receive our Android notifications on PC, a third party developer have given us a way out, a Chrome extension called Krome and an Android app can now make it possible to receive Android notifications on PC.

How to receive Android notifications on PC

Krome allows you to receive and respond to Android notifications within your Google Chrome browser. You can reply SMS messages right from within your Google Chrome browser. This app simply syncs your Android notifications with Chrome on your PC.  You can even select apps to receive their notifications or disable those you do on want to receive on your PC via the app settings.

What you need:

  1. Google Chrome v27 (with Rich notifications enabled), so if your Chrome version is not up to v27, update it to v27. See how to update Google Chrome browser.  Mac users should install Chrome Canary.
  2. Krome App ($0.99)
  3. Krome browser extension for Google Chrome

Krome for Android

Install the Krome app on your Android device, the install the Krome browser extension on your Google Chrome browser and start receiving your Android notifications on your PC. If you worry about the security of these apps or your notifications being intercepted, the app uses a secure connection to transfer the data. All notifications are sent via Google Cloud Messaging service or you can also encrypt your data with your own key which means you have to enter it in both apps.

Now I hope you can work on your PC with less distraction from your Android phone since you can now receive your Android notifications on PC and can also respond to the notifications right from within your Google Chrome browser.

Update: How to enable Rich Notification on Google Chrome

Ensure you have updated your Google Chrome to the latest version (at least v27 ad above), type chrome://flags and hit the enter button on your keyboard,

chrome search

use Ctrl + F to bring up the search bar, type Rich notifications and click on the Enable button to enable the rich notifications.

How to enable Rich Notification on Google Chrome


The relaunch your Google Chrome browser by closing and re-opening it.

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    I haven’t heard of this interesting app named krome . This app can be useful for people who need to be updated with the notifications from time to time .This is all what i can say . Thanks for sharing the information of this app

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