Why do I rank higher on Bing than Google?


You may have noticed that most times your posts may rank higher on Bing than Google. I stumbled upon one of my posts that ranked very highly on Bing and Yahoo and decided to check if it is ranking that high on Google only to discover otherwise, so I decided to investigate more only to find out that most of my posts ranked higher on Bing and Yahoo than Google so I decided to investigate other sites and discovered same, then I began to wonder why?

After a little research on both forums and other authority websites I came to a simple conclusion and I want to share what I learnt with you in this article.

Why do I rank higher on Bing than Google?

Different Algorithms: Of course I know that both Google and Bing/Yahoo use different algorithms and consider different factors in ranking websites but then I wonder if both search engines’ aim is to provide the best results to its users, then why do they have such a wide disparity in results since they both works in same way?

Different Spam Filtering standards: Just as Google and Bing/Yahoo have different algorithms for ranking websites they also have different spam filtering standards.  Both see websites differently and what Google considers as spam may not be seen as same by Bing and Yahoo. Does that make Bing less good? I don’t think so; I like Bing searches as much as I like Google searches.

Search Engine Updates: Over the years Google has released a lot of updates and this has affected a lot of sites, this is not the case in Bing search. Your site may be penalized for one offense or the other on Google and may lose its ranking while it is still flying very high on Bing.

So after considering the above I decided that it is understandable why most times sites perform well on Bing/Yahoo and not on Google. Especially the last point (Search engine updates) does affect so many sites even without the notice of its owners.

Sometimes you may be slightly affected by one update or the other without knowing and this may cause your site to lose its ranking on Google while it is still ranking highly on Bing and other search engines.


Since Google possess over 87% of all internet searches, I will advise you simply try to get your website to rank well on Google, I believe any site that is working to rank high on Google is in so many ways working to rank high on other search engines like Bing and Yahoo too.

If you on the other hand ranking high on Google but not Bing and Yahoo, my advice for you will be to use the Bing webmaster tool and find out how users are looking for information there. Submit your site’s sitemap to Bing webmaster tool as this will help Bing to easily crawl and index your site.

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What is your opinion on this? Why do you think posts rank better on Bing/Yahoo than on Google? Share your views with me using the comment form below and also remember to subscribe to my blog.

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  1. Another prime factor that I feel is that Bing does crawling more frequently than the Google.

  2. Hi Nwosu,

    I guess the competition in Google SEO is too high now and it’s really hard to claim top 10 positions for fairly good keywords now. A huge number of people are trying every moment to influence Google algorithm and snatch the ranking. This must be the reason Google is more changing and looks to every posts suspiciously at first!

    Yahoo and Bing are at more relaxed position to use their algorithm.

    However, in many situations, I find Bing results more relevant and useful compared to Google. You’ll hardly find any posts relevant after the third page in Google SERP :D
    Suresh Khanal recently posted..3 Techniques That Helped Me Earn $400 A MonthMy Profile

    • I totally agree with you, it seemed that even with all the Google search engine updates, Bing and Yahoo searches seem to provide more relevant results. Thanks for your contribution to the discussion, happy new month and do have a great week.

  3. Hey Nwosu Mavtrevor Bro I just did some analysis for ranking in Bing and found that methods we doing to rank in Google meantime Improvement in Bing results too the message you convey is really true

  4. Do not forget Bing! Good reminder Nwosu. Write for search engines, not just Google, because people use Yahoo and Bing to search terms for learning more.



  5. Hello Nwosu,

    That’s the same happening with me, almost all of my posts are on top in Bing! and Yahoo but not in Google and that trend started after Penguin 2.1 update as Google was treating normal before.

    Things are still the same with Google and hopefully the volatility gets settled soon.

  6. hi nwosu. thank you for sharing this information. indeed Bing updates less frequently than Google. but i have not checked my ranking Bing since i rarely use it in my searches, so as other users. and by the way, you have mentioned about forum. aside from warrior forum, but forum can you suggest for bloggers like us? i mean that focuses on blogging and internet marketing not technology

  7. Nice post and a new perspective. But I feel the visitors from Google are your most potential customers or targeted readers while Yahoo and Bing provide with ‘just visitors’. Same is for affiliate marketers. I see my customers thronging in mostly from Google while most of the visitors with highest bounce rate come from Bing and Yahoo.

  8. Hello Nwosu,

    Yeah, sometimes I also observe the same thing. You are right, differences in algorithms are making a huge difference. Google is updating its policies continuously from last few years as the competition on Google search has been increased a lot. Obviously one would like to get higher on Google first, due to its popularity. And, I agree that working for Google may be beneficial for other search engines also and you will get much better results there.

    ~Ganesh Narayan Gupta
    Ganesh Narayan Gupta recently posted..Best Cyber Monday Deals for HostingMy Profile

  9. Yes, i also noticed that, and that is why the internet marketers don’t love bing.. we don’t love the almost regular update from google, but most times, if you play your part well, it will certainly favor you in the next update, unlike bing, where anyone who is ranking for a certain keyword can stay there for 39 years without any single update…. i consider them boring because of this! they should make the game of seo wonderful and crazy just like google..

  10. I love the bing webmaster features-inside, its easy to use and very user interface..Keep going Bing! Thanks for sharing Nwosu.

  11. search engines optimization ; is just funny why people focused on google only, submitting sitemap to bing is also a great way to increase organic traffic, i really enjoy dis post buddy ! Thumbs Up

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