Qualitative Research Software – Review

Qualitative Research Software: The qualitative research software is a computer program that provides computer assisted qualitative analysis for managing large collections of documents or information. This program assists researchers to perform complex qualitative analysis in less time. With qualitative research software, managing unstructured information becomes simpler and easier. Tasks take less time to be completed with the aid of such software as it provides the researcher with a sophisticated work-space that enables him to easily analyze any information easily and thus come up with useful conclusions and recommendations.

ATLAS.ti Qualitative Research Software:

Many researchers rely on trusted qualitative research software like the ATLAS.ti to help them analyze any type of information or data they are working with. Qualitative researchers are now found in all fields of study, be it in engineering, education, sciences etc. The need to handle complex information and be able to quantitatively analyze it to produce accurate result gave birth to the quantitative research software. There are many of such software in the market but I am recommending ATLAS.ti for your computer assisted quantitative analysis.

Qualitative Research Software - Review

The basic operations of ATLAS.ti qualitative research software includes segmentation, coding and memoing information/data, and its smooth, easy, fast and safe operations ensures maximum production of results. The cheap and affordable prices of ATLAS.ti quantitative research software can be found at the order page. You can as well download the free trial version of this software to try it out before purchasing.

Premium and free training are also available for this awesome software, so you don’t have to bother about your training as professionals and experts are available to train you to any level. Resellers can as well apply to resell this product.

Features of ATLAS.ti that makes it stand out among its types:

1. ATLAS.ti comes with a great UI which really emulated the traditional pencil and paper desktop style, easily accessible menus that makes navigating within the software even easier.

2. ATLAS.ti allows multitasking and this will give an edge to any researcher who loves to combine tasks.

3. ATLAS.ti supports huge number of formats, whether it is an audio files, video, image, text files etc, ATLAS.ti can handle them all.

4. Its drag and drop feature adds a great quality to the program that makes it even easier to use…and many more.

Make your qualitative analysis easier today by ordering for your copy of ATLAS.ti qualitative analysis software today and experience a new height in your researches at www.atlasti.com.


  1. Maria Bello says

    Check also QDA Miner Lite. It’s a free computer assisted qualitative data analysis software. This new freeware provides an easy-to-use tool for coding, annotating and analyzing collections of documents and images such as interview or focus-group transcripts, journal articles, web pages, or customer feedback.

    QDA Miner Lite has been designed to meet the basic needs of researchers and analysts performing qualitative data analysis. This CAQDAS tool is ideal for those on tiny budgets (or no budget) or those who wish to teach qualitative research in classes.

    For more information, go to: http://provalisresearch.com/products/qualitative-data-analysis-software/freeware/

  2. John Green says

    I was trying to find qualitative research software, but I do not know much about it. Can someone give me some tips?

  3. says

    You may also want to check out NVivo Software! We offer a free trial of our programs and special pricing for students and colleges/universities – We are also offering a Black Friday Discount. Feel free to either go through our website or contact me directly if you have any additional questions.

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