Private Search Engines that respect your Privacy

It is no more news that search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo take a record of your internet search activities. These search engines track your search history and the data gathered from it could be sold to advertisers who tailor ads based on your interest and preferences.

Recently evidence has emerged that National Security Agency NSA snoops on data collected by search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing and this has lead to a spike in traffic for private search engines. Private search engines do not track your online activities or collect any data like some major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

With private search engines you are protected from NSA surveillance and spying or selling your private data to advertisers for their advertisement campaigns. In this article I want to introduce you to some private search engines that respect your privacy.

Private Search Engines that respect your Privacy

These private search engines don’t track your activities, does not store your IP address, record your searches and protects you from NSA surveillance and spying. Below is my curated list of private search engines.

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Private Search Engines that respect your Privacy

This is a list of Private Search Engines that respect your Privacy.


Private Search Engines that respect your Privacy | Search DuckDuckGo

Search anonymously. Find instantly. DuckDuckGo is a search engine that does not track you and, has more instant answers and less spam/clutter.

Private Search Engines that respect your Privacy | Startpage Web Search

Your IP address is never recorded, your visit is not logged, and no tracking cookies are placed on your browser. When it comes to protecting your privacy, Startpage runs the tightest ship on the Internet. Our outstanding privacy policy and thoughtful engineering give you great search results in total anonymity.

Private Search Engines that respect your Privacy | Ixquick Search Engine

Ixquick search engine provides search results from over ten best search engines in full privacy. Search anonymously with Ixquick Search Engine!

Private Search Engines that respect your Privacy | blekko | search

blekko | One of the Top Spam and Virus Free Search Engine for Latest Updates on News, Gossips, Date and Much More

Private Search Engines that respect your Privacy | Privatelee - private search engine

The most private and secure (https available) search engine. Privatelee returns the best results from the top search engines. Privatelee offers many unique features like infinite scrolling web and image results.

Private Search Engines that respect your Privacy | Qrobe - private search engine

Feature rich private search engine. Qrobe combines the best results and functionality from the top search engines so you always get the best results.

If you have privacy concerns about Google, Bing and Yahoo you may consider using any of these private search engines. With these search engines your search activities remains private, your IP address and geographical location are not recorded, no tracking cookies are used.

The good thing is that some of these private search engines actually use Google for their searches but acts as intermediary to protect your privacy. When you use these private search engines to search for something, it stripes your query of all identifying information and submits it to Google anonymously, and relays the result to you through their own search result page.

Do you know of other private search engines? Do you use private search engines? Which of the listed private search engines have you used? Let me hear your views on private search engines and the privacy concerns of search engine users. Remember to subscribe to my blog.


  1. says

    I read about the “Duck”, 2 years ago. Well, realistically Google don’t track anybody personally more like age groups, groups of interests, etc.. Nothing to worry too much about.

  2. says

    Can there really be Internet anonymity? Even these private search engines act as intermediaries, there are risks of data being shared without solicitation. However, its good to know that there are search engines out there that one can be “trusted” to hide ones privacy.
    A good list you have here Desmond. I have never even thought of them their role to help respect privacy of personal information.

    This comment was shared in where this post shared and bookmarked for Internet marketers.

    Sunday –

  3. says

    this the first time i heard about private search engines. people who are concern about their privacy may opt to choose using these engines. since they are also using google, perhaps the way to acquire a good rank in their pages is through acquiring first ten pages of google search engine

  4. says

    It is already known that google and co track users and am glad there are others that don’t, but unfortunately a lot of people don’t know about them,
    Thank you for the list Nwosu/\

  5. says

    This is really funny. The fact that we are being tracked with respect to every move one makes on the web.
    I have seen Duck Duck GO before but let be sincere, are these search engines more effective than Google and the rest?

  6. says

    These search engines offer you search from Google but stripe your search query of any information it may have of you before sending it over to Google search and returns answer for you on their own page.

  7. says

    I have not heard about this search engines except duck and blekko.Each search engines which has own result listing between great to know them

  8. says

    I don’t feel like that tracking is a bad thing, though… If Google checks what all the pages you are interested in they could better come up with greater search results. But definitely it should not destroy our privacy online.
    thanks for sharing

  9. says

    Hi Nwosu,

    Yes, the allegations against Google for compromising the privacy of its users makes me uncomfortable. Yes, Google has an excuse that it relies on ‘tracking’ to improve user experience. But, ultimately, the thought of some folks having the powers to see through my privacy is disturbing!

    That’s a impressive list that you made! I appreciate the hard work you put in!


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