nrelate Flyout WordPress plugin alternative to Simplereach slide

So many times I have heard folks and bloggers complaining of low page views, how they could increase it and also increase the amount of time visitors spend on their blogs. A quick search on Google will reveal the huge number of people seeking for ways to increase their page views. So i have decided to write this post today to help you understand some simple tricks you could use to effect more page views in your site. So I decided to write about the nrelate Flyout Plugin since the Simplereach slide plugin is broken for WordPress 3.3.1

Some people will advise you to install the related post widget, that’s ok but then adding another plugin that will dynamically recommend a post to your readers won’t hurt in anyway. Some people may visit your website without bothering to look at your related posts, that’s where nrelate Flyout Plugin comes into play.  nrelate Flyout WordPress plugin is an awesome plugin that recommends related posts from within one’s site on a widget that slides out at the bottom of a page or elsewhere as the case may be depending on the settings. This plugin is a great way to help your readers discover more of your site’s content. The plugin simply works by displaying slides of your posts from within your site and recommend your readers to click on it to read such posts. Depending on your settings it could display only related posts using the tag on the posts.

The benefits of this plugin cannot be overemphasized, it could bring about increased page views and time on the site. Great sites like and have used it.

HOW TO INSTALL: Login to your wordpress dashboard, click on Plugins, then choose Add new and search for “nrelate flyout”, install it and activate, or alternatively download it from then upload it to your plugin directory and install it. To customize it, go to the nrelate settings and customize from the dashboard or flyout. Wait a little while and refresh your blog to see it activated. It’s so nice I can’t wait to install it for all my wordpress blogs.Remember to Subscribe to NetMediaBlog Feeds by Email


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    I’m new to the wordpress blogging (3 months), but why in the world am I just hearing about a plugin that’s over a year old… I am so behind. I need to hire somebody just to keep me updated.
    And thanks for the post. I am looking for a more customisable alternative to simple reach.

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